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Official Coordinates

Main Office


  • A: Gran Vía 39 - Planta 8, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  • T: +34 91 512 24 17
  • F: +34 91 512 24 18
  • E:
  • W:



  • A: 1001 19th Street North, Suite #1200, 22209 Arlington (VA) USA
  • T: +1-571-384 7908
  • F: +1-571-384 7959
  • E:

Persons Involved

Scientific Advisory Board

AGNITIO Scientific Advisory Board includes a range of international academics, key customers and global industry experts in the field of voice biometrics with members from the university.

The Advisory Board members are:

  • Catalin GRIGORAS, Ph.D. - National Center for Media Forensics, University of Colorado, Denver (USA)
  • Dr. Andrzej Drygajlo - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and School of Criminal Justice, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Products / Services

  • BATVOX voice biometric tool designed for forensics experts and scientific police to perform speaker verification and compile expert reports as evidence in court.
  • ASIS: Automatic Speaker Identification System (ASIS) makes possible a large voices database for massive search. ASIS is the next generation biometric database.
  • KIVOX: Voice Biometrics for Corporate Speaker Verification

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20141013 Voiceprints being harvested by the millions AGNITIO
04.09.2013 Automatic Speaker Identification System (ASIS) AGNITIO
04.09.2013 Batvox export 1:1 voice biometric tool AGNITIO
04.09.2013 Biometric Speaker Spotting System (BS3) AGNITIO
04.09.2013 BS3 Strategic - Biometric Speaker Spotting System: Strategic Edition AGNITIO
04.09.2013 Speaker Identification Field Toolkit AGNITIO
01.06.2011 Speaker Identification Field Toolkit (SIFT) AGNITIO Speech Recognition
01.10.2008 Currently deployed field proven Biometric Speaker Identification and Verification Technology AGNITIO Speech Recognition