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NOKIA has been merging it's network branch in Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) which has separated it's LI / Monitoring technology into the company TROVICOR

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Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
07.01.2012 Tactical Network for Cellular Surveillance (TANCS) IN APPLE NOKIA BLACKBERRY
07.01.2012 BlackBerry, Nokia and Apple have provided the Indian Military with backdoor access to cellular surveillance IN APPLE NOKIA BLACKBERRY
06.01.2012 Subject: Technical Network for Cellular Surveillance (TANCS) PRC Taskforce Update IN APPLE NOKIA BLACKBERRY
11.02.2011 Another Leaked Memo From New Nokia CEO Elop SIEMENS NOKIA TROVICOR
18.10.2010 Nokia accused of more complicity with repressive Iran: Shared CEOs with Trovicor has Access saying "pull the other one" NOKIA / SIEMENS / NSN / TROVICOR / PREINSBERGER, JOHANN
13.10.2010 Holding Nokia Responsible for Surveilling Dissidents in Iran NOKIA IR
18.07.2009 Nokia Siemens Monitoring System: Action to Disrupt the Monitoring System Used by the Iranian Regime IR NOKIA SIEMENS TROVICOR
22.06.2009 Nokia Siemens Networks Further to the statement published on June 22, 2009: Provision of Lawful Intercept in Iran IR, SIEMENS, NOKIA, TROVICOR sigint
22.06.2009 Nokia Siemens Networks Provision of Lawful Intercept capability in Iran IR NOKIA SIEMENS TROVICOR sigint