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Operator Name/URL Tags Comment
ACLU The NSA Archive NSA Full Text Search in NSA Documents
The Bureau of Investigate Journalism State of Surveillance: TRACKING THE SURVEILLANCE INDUSTRY Good Collection of Articles on various issues
Cryptome Interception, Encryption, Intelligence Leaks, Eyeballs of Spystations.. Great stuff since 1996, a bit unsorted
Des oreilles et des yeux Collection of Bugs & Location Trackers found (France)
Digital Freedom Alliance Map of targeted Threats, Vendors, Resellers.. Digital Rights Watch Privacy Laws, Data Retention, Digital Restrictions Management etc. - per country nice collection on similar issues
Ears and eyes Ears and eyes Lost & Found Devices check this pdf from 2021-11 InfoWar Intelligence Internet Surveillance IP Very good collection and crowdsourcing investigation on companies, a bit US-centric
Electronic Frontier Foundation Surveillance Self-Defense Good Guide
Electrospaces Top Level Communications NSA Programs Good Analytics of the NSA programs
Global LI Industry Forum Global LI Industry Forum LI US centric LI Association
La quadrature du Net NSA observer NSA Programs Nice visualisation of NSA programs
Privacy International Surveillance Industry Index (SII) Good Global Overview on the Surveillance Industry
Privacy International Big Brother Inc. V1 Exposes the government agencies that attended six ISS World conferences between 2006 and 2009 (AT) IT and telco surveillance equipment - data sheets and presentations Telecommunication Interception LI COMINT Very good collection, a bit EU-centric :)
Sniffmap Sniffmap: Map of probable Internet network interception Propably Missing national SIGINT/COMINT Infrastructures
Telecomix - The Blue Cabinet Blue Cabinet is a working project to document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment kind of similar approach
The Intercept First Look: The Intercept Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill with Funding from Pierre Omidyar (AU) Chapter 72: Security and anti-terrorism laws LI Good Links to some countries legislation The Spyfiles LI COMINT Collection of Material on COMINT companies