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Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
07.04.2012 thestar.com RIM gives India access to BlackBerry messages IN BLACKBERRY
07.04.2012 indiatoday.intoday.in No secrets on BlackBerry: Govt gets its way on tapping popular messenger service IN BLACKBERRY
07.01.2012 cryptome.org Tactical Network for Cellular Surveillance (TANCS) IN APPLE NOKIA BLACKBERRY
07.01.2012 terminalx.org BlackBerry, Nokia and Apple have provided the Indian Military with backdoor access to cellular surveillance IN APPLE NOKIA BLACKBERRY
06.01.2012 imgur.com Subject: Technical Network for Cellular Surveillance (TANCS) PRC Taskforce Update IN APPLE NOKIA BLACKBERRY
13.12.2011 thejakartapost.com Govt threatens to end BlackBerry Messenger service ID BLACKBERRY
02.12.2011 thestar.com WikiLeaks: RIM willing to release customer info to governments BLACKBERRY
28.10.2011 Wall Street Journal RIM Facility Helps India in Surveillance Efforts IN BLACKBERRY
15.09.2011 Reuters Blackberry would close UK service in unrest if ordered GB BLACKBERRY
25.08.2011 Homeoffice.gov.uk Representatives from the social media industry today visited the Home Office to discuss cooperation with law enforcement agencies. GB BLACKBERRY
15.08.2011 guardian.co.uk Intelligence agency asked to crack encrypted messages – especially on BlackBerry Messenger – to help police GB BLACKBERRY
09.08.2011 Spiegel Krawalle in London: Blackberry-Hersteller will der Polizei helfen GB BLACKBERRY
15.04.2011 torontolife.com Watch RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis shut down his interview with the BBC BLACKBERRY INTERCEPTION
14.04.2011 Handelsblatt FRAGE NACH ABHÖRPRAKTIKEN: Blackberry-Chef Lazaridis bricht Interview ab BLACKBERRY
27.10.2010 telecomseurope.net Indian cellcos ready for BlackBerry intercepts IN BLACKBERRY
12.10.2010 Spiegel Drohende Abschaltung: Indien verlängert Frist im Blackberry-Streit India BLACKBERRY
08.10.2010 Spiegel Vereinigte Arabische Emirate: Blackberry-Nutzer dürfen weitermailen United Arab Emirates BLACKBERRY
07.09.2010 Golem VEREINIGTE ARABISCHE EMIRATE: USA nutzen Blackberry-Daten zur Spionage United Arab Emirates BLACKBERRY
01.08.2010 Spiegel Sicherheitsbedenken: Arabische Staaten wollen Datenübertragung per Blackberry sperren United Arab Emirates BLACKBERRY
15.07.2009 www.veracode.com BlackBerry Spyware Dissected SS8 BLACKBERRY AE Spyware
14.07.2009 itp.net Etisalat’s BlackBerry patch designed for surveillance SS8 BLACKBERRY AE Spyware
14.07.2009 The Register BlackBerry update bursting with spyware: Official snooping suspected in UAE Blackberry AE Spyware
03.04.2008 Heise Indien will Blackberry-Mails abfangen IN BLACKBERRY
20.06.2007 Spiegel Spionage-Angst: Blackberry-Verbot für Frankreichs Regierung FR BLACKBERRY
07.11.2006 The Register Dutch spooks give MPs BlackBerry warning NL BLACKBERRY
07.12.2005 Golem Bericht: Bundeswehr stoppt Blackberry-Beschaffungsauftrag DE BLACKBERRY
07.12.2005 Heise Bundeswehr verzichtet wegen Sicherheitsbedenken auf Blackberrys DE BLACKBERRY