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|Military Alliance||[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_Cooperation_Organisation SCO]
|Military Alliance||[[SCO]]
|Interior Intelligence Services||
|Interior Intelligence Services||

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Intel Environment

Military Alliance SCO
Interior Intelligence Services
Exterior Intelligence Services Ministry of State Ssecurity (MSS)
Military Intelligence Services

Telco/Carrier/ISP Environment

Type Name Ownership Main Office URL Notes

Transnational Cables and Connections

Type Name Ownership Connecting Point Connection Points URL/Notes
480 Gbits/s SEA-ME-WE-3 Norden (DE) / Oostende (BE) / Goonhilly (GB) / Penmarch (FR) / Sesimbra (PT) / Tetuan (MA) / Mazara del Vallo (IT) / Chania (GR) / Marmaris (TR) / Yeroskipou (CY) / Alexandria (EG) / Suez (EG) / Jeddah (SA) / Djibouti (DJ) / Muscat (OM) / Fujairah (AE) / Karachi (PK) / Mumbai (IN) / Cochin (IN) / Mount Lavinia (LK) / Pyapon (MM) / Satun (TH) / Penang, (MY) (Where it meets the SAFE and the FLAG cables.) / Medan (IN) / Tuas (SG) / Jakarta (IN) / Perth (AU) / Mersing (MY) / Tungku (BN) / Da Nang (VN) / Batangas (PH) / Taipa (MO) / Deep Water Bay (HK) / Shantou (CN) / Fangshan (TW) / Toucheng (TW) / Shanghai (CN) / Keoje (KR) / Okinawa, (JP) WP

SIGINT/COMINT Stations and Operators

Name Location Operator Capabilities
Korla Part of US INSCOM / Joint facility operated with a SIGINT partner. / Joint NSA-CIA site
Qitai Part of US INSCOM / Joint facility operated with a SIGINT partner. / Joint NSA-CIA site

Privacy Related Legislation

LI Legislation


Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
01.06.2011 Wall Street Journal Mideast Uses Western Tools to Battle the Skype Rebellion SKYPE FINFISHER GAMMA EG OM SA CN
08.08.2008 golem.de Pekings Taxis sind abhörbar: Fernsteuerbare Mikrofone erlauben es, Gespräche in Pekinger Taxis zu belauschen CN COMINT