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|[[MENWITH HILL STATION|Menwith Hill]]||Menwith Hill ([[GB]])||
|[[MENWITH HILL STATION|Menwith Hill]]||Menwith Hill ([[GB]])||
|Bad Aibling||Bad Aibling ([[DE]])||
|[[BAD AIBLING|Bad Aibling]]||Bad Aibling ([[DE]])||
|Misawa Air Base||Misawa Air Base ([[JP]])||
|Misawa Air Base||Misawa Air Base ([[JP]])||

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Organizatorial Facts

Echelon is also called "Project 415"


Name Location Coverage and Capabilities
Menwith Hill Menwith Hill (GB)
Bad Aibling Bad Aibling (DE)
Misawa Air Base Misawa Air Base (JP)
Acrotiri Acrotiri (CY)
Guantánamo Bay Guantanamo Bay (CU)
Pine Gap Pine Gap (AU)

Documents from Parlamantery Investigations

German Parliament Investigation


Date Titel Author/Organization Comment
11.07.2001 [Report on the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception systm)] European Parliament, Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System, Rapporteur: Gerhard Schmid

Web Resources

Date Titel Author/Organisation Comment
01.02.1997 Exposing the Global Surveillance System Nicky Hager
12.08.1988 Somebody´s listening Duncan Campbell
09.06.2000 Signals intelligence and human rights: The Echelon Report Duncan Campbell for the Electronic Privacy Center (EPIC)
Echelon (Signals Intelligence) US/english wikipedia -