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Dr. Hanan Herzberg has 20 years of international management, product development, and business development experience in broadband access. Prior to founding TraceSpan, he served as Vice President for R&D at Smart Link. He previously established and managed the DSL design center for Level One Communication (acquired by Intel for over $2 billion). Prior to that, he served as Chief Scientist at GlobeSpan Semiconductors (NASDAQ: GSPN), a leader in the DSL component market, and Scientist at AT&T (now Lucent) Bell Labs. Dr. Herzberg has gained international recognition as a digital communications expert. He holds seven US patents in the area of digital communications, and has published more than 30 papers for international journals, conferences and standards committees. He is a member of the ITU standards committee and the IEEE. Dr. Herzberg holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.