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|[[HUAWEI|Huawei Technologies]]|| Networks / LI / COMINT || ([[CN]]) ||
|[[HUAWEI|Huawei Technologies]]|| Networks / LI / COMINT || ([[CN]]) ||
|[[MACROSYSTEM|Macro System]]||LI / Telecommunication Surveillance|| ([[PL]]) ||
|[[MEDAV|Medav GmbH]]||Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions|| Uttenreuth ([[DE]]) ||
|[[MEDAV|Medav GmbH]]||Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions|| Uttenreuth ([[DE]]) ||

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Country Knowledgebase on SIGINT/COMINT/LI Installations





Oceania / Other

Transnational SIGINT/COMINT Installations

Vendors of SIGINT/COMINT/LI Installations

Vendor Name Technology/Service Provided Place of Registration Ownership
Area Spa LI / Tactical Interception Binago, Como (IT)
ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER) LI / Large Scale ComInt Monitoring Bad Homburg (DE)
ClearTrail LI / ComInt Indore (IN)
Comverse LI (US) (IL)
GTEN DATAKOM LI / Interception Systems Ismaning (DE)
ETI Connect Monitoring (DK)
Glimmerglass Monitoring of optical signals and networks Hayward, CA (US) Private
Huawei Technologies Networks / LI / COMINT (CN)
Macro System LI / Telecommunication Surveillance (PL)
Medav GmbH Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions Uttenreuth (DE)
PK-Electronic International GmbH & Co KG Tactical SIGINT/COMINT Systems Luetjensee near Hamburg (DE)
Siemens Law Enforcement Solutions LI, Monitoring and Intelligence Centers Munich DE DE
SS8 Networks LI / Monitoring Center (US)
Syborg LI (DE) VERINT (IL)
trovicor (ex-Siemens VDR/LI) LI, Monitoring Centers Munich DE Holding Structure
telesoft TECHNOLOGIES LI, SIGINT/COMINT Components, Tactical Monitoring UK? Unknown
Utimaco Safeware Network Monitoring / LI / Data Retention (DE) (GB)
VERINT (formerly: Comverse Infosys) LI (US) (LI)

Vendors of Intelligence Support Systems

Vendor Name Technology/Service Provided Place of Registration Ownership
ACCESSDATA Digital Investigation / Forensics / Decryption Lindon, UT (US)
ACME Packet SBCs / MSGs / SRPs / VoIP LI Delaware (US) Public (NASDAQ:APKT)
AMESYS Tactical COMINT, Monitoring, Speech Recognition AIX-EN_PROVENCE (FR) (FR)
ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER) Monitoring Bad Homburg (DE)
BlueCoat Intelligence Centers Sunnyvale, CA (US) Public (NASDAQ: BCSI)
COBHAM Tactical GSM Interception
Delta SPE Collection & Processing of Packet Data Satellite Services (UA)
Detica Information / Intelligence Processing (GB)
Dialogic High performance signaling in gathering intelligence from Mobile Networks
Elaman Finfisher Remote Forensics (Trojans) / Strategic & Tactical Communication Monitoring / Intelligence Gathering Munich (DE) (DE)
ENDACE accelerated Traffic Data Processing (NZ)
GTEN DATAKOM LI / Interception Systems (DE)
DigiTask WiFi Interception, Remote Forensics (Trojans) (DE)
GAMMA Group Remote Forensics (Trojans) GAMMA International GmbH & Co KG München (DE) / Gamma International Ltd. Andover, Hampshire (GB)
GROUP2000 LI / Deep Packet Inspection
Guidance Software Encase Intelligence Software / Forensics Pasadena, CA (US)
Hacking Team Remote Control System (Trojans) Milano (IT)
LOQUENDO Vocal Technology and Services / Speech Recognition Turin (IT)
Newport Networks VoIP COMINT
Plath GmbH Communication Profiling Hamburg (DE)
Nice Systems Monitoring, Investigating, Tracking (IL) Public (NASDAQ: NICE)
Pen Link Collect & Record of Interception Communication Lincoln, NE (US)
Phoenix Speech Recognition (CZ)
RCS IP Traffic Analysis ([[IT]))
retentia Data Retention Silicon Valley (US)
Septier Dual Usage Strategy of LI Systems
Siemens Intelligence Platform Munich (DE) (DE)
Spectronic Systems A/S Speech Recognition Copenhagen (DK)
Speech Technology Center, Ltd. Audio Forensics (RU)
telesoft technologies
Thales Surveillance, Detection and Intelligence Systems (FR) (FR)
VASTech Network Recording / Passive Surveillance Stellenbosch (ZA)
OMNI Wildpackets

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