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(Vendors of SIGINT/COMINT/LI and supporting Technologies and Systems)
(Vendors of SIGINT/COMINT/LI and supporting Technologies and Systems)
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|[[ATIS_UHER|ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER)]]||Monitoring|| Bad Homburg ([[DE]]) ||
|[[ATIS_UHER|ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER)]]||Monitoring|| Bad Homburg ([[DE]]) ||
|[[AUDIOTEL|AUDIOTEL International]]|Tactical COMINT Systems and Countermeasures|| Corby, Northans [[GB]] || ?
|[[AUDIOTEL|AUDIOTEL International]]||Tactical COMINT Systems and Countermeasures|| Corby, Northans [[GB]] || ?
|[[AQSACOM|AQSACOM]]|| || Les Ulis ([[FR]]) ||
|[[AQSACOM|AQSACOM]]|| || Les Ulis ([[FR]]) ||

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Vendors of SIGINT/COMINT/LI and supporting Technologies and Systems

Vendor Name Technology/Service Provided Place of Registration Ownership
ACCESSDATA Digital Investigation / Forensics / Decryption Lindon, UT (US)
ACME Packet SBCs / MSGs / SRPs / VoIP LI Delaware (US) Public (NASDAQ:APKT)
AMESYS Tactical COMINT, Monitoring, Speech Recognition AIX-EN_PROVENCE (FR) (FR)
ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER) Monitoring Bad Homburg (DE)
AUDIOTEL International Tactical COMINT Systems and Countermeasures Corby, Northans GB ?
BlueCoat Intelligence Centers Sunnyvale, CA (US) Public (NASDAQ: BCSI)
Area Spa LI / Tactical Interception Binago, Como (IT)
ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER) LI / Large Scale ComInt Monitoring Bad Homburg (DE)
ClearTrail LI / ComInt Indore (IN)
COBHAM Tactical GSM Interception
Comverse LI (US) (IL)
GTEN DATAKOM LI / Interception Systems Ismaning (DE)
Delta SPE Collection & Processing of Packet Data Satellite Services (UA)
Detica Information / Intelligence Processing (GB)
Dialogic High performance signaling in gathering intelligence from Mobile Networks
GTEN DATAKOM LI / Interception Systems (DE)
DigiTask WiFi Interception, Remote Forensics (Trojans) (DE)
Elaman Finfisher Remote Forensics (Trojans) / Strategic & Tactical Communication Monitoring / Intelligence Gathering Munich (DE) (DE)
ENDACE accelerated Traffic Data Processing (NZ)
ETI Connect Monitoring (DK)
GAMMA Group Remote Forensics (Trojans) GAMMA International GmbH & Co KG München (DE) / Gamma International Ltd. Andover, Hampshire (GB)
Glimmerglass Monitoring of optical signals and networks Hayward, CA (US) Private
GROUP2000 LI / Deep Packet Inspection
Guidance Software Encase Intelligence Software / Forensics Pasadena, CA (US)
Hacking Team Remote Control System (Trojans) Milano (IT)
Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd Covert Tracking & Surveillance Devices Essex (GB)
Huawei Technologies Networks / LI / COMINT (CN)
KBI Optronics GmbH Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Penig (DE)
Macro System LI / Telecommunication Surveillance Warsaw (PL)
Medav GmbH Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions Uttenreuth (DE)
Narus Real Time IP Traffic Monitoring, Traffic Intelligence (US) Boeing (US)
Newport Networks VoIP COMINT
Nice Systems Monitoring, Investigating, Tracking (IL) Public (NASDAQ: NICE)
PK-Electronic International GmbH & Co KG Tactical SIGINT/COMINT Systems Luetjensee near Hamburg (DE)
Plath GmbH Communication Profiling, COPS, Thuraya Interception Hamburg (DE)
LOQUENDO Vocal Technology and Services / Speech Recognition Turin (IT)
Pen Link Collect & Record of Interception Communication Lincoln, NE (US)
Phoenix Speech Recognition (CZ)
RCS IP Traffic Analysis ([[IT]))
retentia Data Retention Silicon Valley (US)
REUTER-ELECTRONIC Recording Systems for Communication Surveillance Haiger (DE)
SHOGI Communications Tactical SIGINT/COMINT Systems Shimla, HP (IN)
Siemens Law Enforcement Solutions LI, Monitoring and Intelligence Centers Munich DE DE
SS8 Networks LI / Monitoring Center (US)
Syborg LI (DE) VERINT (IL)
Seartech Surveillance Electronics (DE)
Selectronic Tracking (DE)
Septier Dual Usage Strategy of LI Systems
Siemens Intelligence Platform Munich (DE) (DE)
Spectronic Systems A/S Speech Recognition Copenhagen (DK)
Speech Technology Center, Ltd. Audio Forensics (RU)
trovicor (previous Nokia/Siemens VDR/LI) LI, Monitoring Centers, Siemens Intelligence Center Munich DE Holding Structure
telesoft TECHNOLOGIES LI, SIGINT/COMINT Components, Tactical Monitoring UK? Unknown
Thales Surveillance, Detection and Intelligence Platform (FR) (FR)
Utimaco Safeware Network Monitoring / LI / Data Retention (DE) (GB)
Ultrarich Ultraserv US -
VASTech Network Recording / Passive Surveillance Stellenbosch (ZA)
VERINT (formerly: Comverse Infosys) LI (US) (LI)
VigiTrust LEA & Intelligence Services Dublin (IR)
OMNI Wildpackets

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