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Official Coordinates

Stratign FZCO

P.O. Box No- 124010

Dubai, UAE

Products / Services

Communication Surveillance

Semi Active GSM Monitoring System

Passive GSM Monitoring System

CDMA Monitoring System

Portable Thuraya Monitoring System

Fixed Thuraya Monitoring System

Voice and Fax Logger

Wi-Fi Monitoring System

Portable Microwave Communication Collection and Processing System

Turnkey VSAT Communication Interception System


Satellite Monitoring System

Iridium Monitoring System

Tactical ISAT Monitoring System

Other Areas

  • Communication Security
  • Jamming Systems
  • Signal Analysis
  • Reconnaissance
  • Software Defined Radios SDR
  • General Purpose SDR
  • Special Application SDR
  • Surveillance & Logging SDR
  • Antennas
  • Trainings

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / SItuations

Date Source Title Tags
01.12.2011 wikileaks.org Strategic Defence Technologies (Catalogue) STRATIGN