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Operator Name/URL Tags Comment
Telecomix - The Blue Cabinet Blue Cabinet is a working project to document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment kind of similar approach
The Bureau of Investigate Journalism State of Surveillance: TRACKING THE SURVEILLANCE INDUSTRY Good Collection of Articles on various issues The Spyfiles LI COMINT Collection of Material on COMINT companies, great material (AU) Chapter 72: Security and anti-terrorism laws LI Good Links to some countries legislation Digital Rights Watch Privacy Laws, Data Retention, Digital Restrictions Management etc. - per country nice collection on similar issues InfoWar Intelligence Internet Surveillance IP Very good collection and crowdsourcing investigation on companies, a bit US-centric (AT) IT and telco surveillance equipment - data sheets and presentations Telecommunication Interception LI COMINT Very good collection, a bit EU-centric :)
Global LI Industry Forum Global LI Industry Forum LI US centric LI Association
Cryptome Interception, Encryption, Intelligence Leaks, Eyeballs of Spystations.. Great stuff since 1996, a bit unsorted