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Official Coordinates

ATIS systems GmbH

  • A: Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 5, (formerly Industriestrasse), DE-61352 Bad Homburg, Germany
  • T: +49-(0)6172-106-0
  • F: +49-(0)6172-106-404
  • W:

Registered Documents

Product / Services

  • ATIS Interception Management System

... is a complex suite of sophisticated communications interception and monitoring solutions.

The Klarios® systems facilitate the accurate monitoring of communications. This includes the acquisition, extraction, recording, processing, evaluation and archiving of call content and call data from telephone and data networks of all kinds. Klarios® products are designed in such a way as to allow technical enhancements to be integrated at all times


Monitoring System AIMS · TLMS · RMS MCMN / MCMX / APIX F3S · RDC · IDA · SCP SEE· GIS · IDEC


The range of products provides versatile solutions for modern voice recording. Bespoke systems and applications are available to cover every imaginable field of application and requirement that our customers may have.

Our customers include security authorities and organisations, air traffic control authorities, power companies, financial service providers, transportation companies and call centres.


ARMS · IR 44 CF · AVRE MDx · MDx SI · Single VDS · HQ ·

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20130904 ATIS Presentation ATIS / TN
15.02.2012 Technische Hilfe für Nahost-Diktaturen TROVICOR ATIS IBM RCS NEOSOFT HUAWEI ZTE
02.12.2011 178052 - Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage Drucksache 17/7738: Haltung der Bundesregierung bezüglich des Exports von „Dual-use-Gütern“ im Bereich der Technologie zur Störung von Telekommunikationsdiensten sowie Techniken zur Überwachung und Unterbrechung des Internetverkehrs durch deutsche Firmen DE ATIS IPOQUE SIEMENS TROVICOR UTIMACO
01.12.2011 National LI Systems ATIS Lawful Interception
01.12.2011 Lawful Interception and Location Based Services LI,Targeting
01.12.2011 Target and Service Based Interception in an IP Environment ATIS
01.12.2011 National LI Systems Lawful Interception
14.03.2011 Security Made in Germany DE IPOQUE TROVICOR ATIS UTIMACO SIEMENS 
08.03.2011 Nahost: Überwachung Made in Germany ATIS IPOQUE TROVICOR UTIMACO