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Siemens Networks Voice & Data Recording was the department in charge of LI / Monitoring etc.

Part of it was transformed to Siemens Nokia Networks, there named "Intelligence Solutions“

This unit was later (31.03.2009) transformed to TROVICOR.

Service of monitor installations partly to VERVIS

Official Registration

Siemens AG


80833 München


Other Offices


  • Kuala Lumpur (Appearance in ISS context)


Siemens AG Damascus Branch

P.O.Box 9034


Tel. +963 11 332 0752/57

Fax. +963 11 332 0751


  • SIEMENS VDR (Voice and Data Recording) was originally the department within ICM (Information and Communinication Networks) that provided Lawful Intercepting, Monitoring and Recording Technology for Telecommunication. This business unit first merged into Nokia/Siemens Network (NSN) and was later separated from NSN to a company called TROVICOR due to reputational reasons after it became public knowledgte that the Iranian government had used Nokia / Siemens Monitoring Technology to track down protesters who got targetted through the system, imprisoned and tortured.

Products & Services

  • Siemens Intelligence Platfform

Lawful Interception (Monitoring Center, Intelligence Platform)

  • Challenge

Governments have a mandate to protect the innocent and prosecute the offender, to foster the well-being of law-abiding citizens, to secure peace and prosperity and to safeguard the rule of law.

Nonetheless, judging from terrorist attacks in the recent past, criminal groups have established global links which enable them to carry out their activities and continue to take advantage of the blessings of technological progress. They exploit open borders which make trafficking easy. And they have the financial resources to buy the latest digital communications technology with which they can coordinate their worldwide activities and escape detection. Therefore it is essential to do everything to secure peace and prosperity among individuals, families and nations. Good governance takes advantage of technological progress to achieve this aim.

Authorized groups need to have direct access to communications between suspects, whether it is individuals, groups or organizations. Only then can they take appropriate action, detect, prevent and anticipate crimes and guarantee peace and security.

Technological progress has changed our world fundamentally. Modern telecommunications networks are highly complex and extremely difficult to control: fiber-optic cables, radio waves and satellites encircle the globe and provide a host of transmission options for analog and digital signals. Because of the rapid increase and the ubiquitous use of IP and the Internet, the future will be characterized by even greater mobility and increased use of data communications. Therefore, communications monitoring requires highly sophisticated, multi-level voice and data recordings.

  • Our Solution

The graphic below demonstrates the complete spectrum Siemens VDR is able to provide to governmental institutions in the field of communication and intelligence.

[Graphic omitted.]

  • Monitoring Center

One Monitoring Center for all networks, vendors, and technologies to support tasks in the fields of

- Target Monitoring

- Service Monitoring

Worldwide, Siemens occupies a unique position since it is the only supplier of telecommunications networks which provides its own Monitoring Center with the capability to incorporate all other network vendors. Its design permits integration within all telecommunications networks which use any type of modern standardized equipment compatible with ETSI recommendation (e.g. Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia, Nortel, Lucent, Huawei).

With the Monitoring Center by Siemens, customers can play safe and yet always stay in the lead by opting for direct access to innovation worldwide and the organizational, financial, logistical and infrastructural strength of a global player.

The Monitoring Center by Siemens is the ideal monitoring tool for current technologies and next-generation communications of all types.

Because of its unique background, Siemens VDR not only keeps pace with the latest developments but also enables authorized groups to remain one step ahead.

  • Intelligence Platform

One Platform to integrate and analyse any information from any source to support tasks in the fields of

- Intelligent Analyses

- Case Management

- Forensics

The problem we face today is not about data collection; it is about data analysis. It is not about obtaining and accessing data, but about connecting the dots, putting information in context and drawing conclusions about its implications. The key factor that may transform information into actionable intelligence is analysis.

With the help of the Siemens Intelligence Platform, analysts may find meaning amongst enormous reams of irrelevant data. The Intelligence Platform is a means to organize disparate pieces of information for the Law Enforcement and Security Agencies and decision makers to act upon them.

The Siemens Intelligence Platform is the intelligent analytical tool for analysts who assist decision makers to fulfill their mandate: to identify and predict trends, patterns or problem areas requiring action.

Vendor Appearances

  • BH in 08/2011

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
10.04.2012 Fernsehbericht: Siemens lieferte Überwachungstechnik an Syrien DE SY SIEMENS TROVICOR
10.04.2012 Siemens liefert Überwachungstechnik nach Syrien DE SY SIEMENS TROVICOR
02.12.2011 178052 - Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage Drucksache 17/7738: Haltung der Bundesregierung bezüglich des Exports von „Dual-use-Gütern“ im Bereich der Technologie zur Störung von Telekommunikationsdiensten sowie Techniken zur Überwachung und Unterbrechung des Internetverkehrs durch deutsche Firmen DE ATIS IPOQUE SIEMENS TROVICOR UTIMACO
04.11.2011 Monitoring the Opposition: Siemens Allegedly Sold Surveillance Gear to Syria SY / SIEMENS / TROVICOR
23.08.2011 Bloomberg Torture in Bahrain Aided by Nokia Siemens BH Nokia Siemens
14.03.2011 Security Made in Germany DE IPOQUE TROVICOR ATIS UTIMACO SIEMENS 
18.10.2010 Nokia accused of more complicity with repressive Iran: Shared CEOs with Trovicor has Access saying "pull the other one" NOKIA / SIEMENS / NSN / TROVICOR / PREINSBERGER, JOHANN
23.08.2010 Nokia Siemens to defend Iran spying claims SIEMENS IR TROVICOR
18.07.2009 Nokia Siemens Monitoring System: Action to Disrupt the Monitoring System Used by the Iranian Regime IR NOKIA SIEMENS TROVICOR
23.06.2009 Wired Consumers Boycott Nokia, Siemens for Selling to Iran SIEMENS IR TROVICOR
22.06.2009 Nokia Siemens Networks Further to the statement published on June 22, 2009: Provision of Lawful Intercept in Iran IR, SIEMENS, NOKIA, TROVICOR sigint
22.06.2009 Nokia Siemens Networks Provision of Lawful Intercept capability in Iran IR NOKIA SIEMENS TROVICOR sigint
13.04.2009 Fed contractor, cell phone maker sold spy system to Iran IR NOKIA SIEMENS TROVICOR
01.10.2008 3GPP SA 3 LI handling US and European needs LI
14.04.2008 Die Welt Angeblich Verflechtung zwischen Siemens und BND SIEMENS BND-DE
12.04.2008 Der Spiegel Siemens eng mit BND verflochten - Ex-Manager packen aus SIEMENS BND-DE
12.04.2008 Manager Magazin Siemens und der BND: Ehemalige Manager packen aus SIEMENS BND-DE
2007 ISS [ISS2007] Stephan Oelkers
01.02.2007 Siemens Intelligence Platform SIEMENS / GABRIEL, TILMANN LAURENCE