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Involvement: AQSACOM as of 10/2011

- LI Solution Architect at AQSACOM United Arab Emirates



LI Solution Architect at AQSACOM


Presales engineer at Business Security Systems


University of Technology, Sydney

Rajayi High School


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AQSACOM develops and markets real time Lawful Interception, Data Retention, Mobility Tracking and Surveillance solutions.

With its core business focused on lawful interception and related applications for over 14 years, AQSACOM provides end-to-end turnkey solutions for fulfilling lawful interception and data retention requirements anywhere in the world, especially over highly heterogeneous networking and services environments.

- Responsible for the design of customized security solutions for ISPs and telecommunication operators.

- Providing technical input into sales tenders, as well as ongoing technical support to the sales department.

- In-depth knowledge of the design, architecture and operations of CS and PS networks and technologies such as:



- ISP network

- Protocols implemented on an ISP networks

- VoIP network

- in-depth knowledge of relevant vendors security (LI) features for vendors such as:

- Cisco

- Nortel

- Huawei

- Nokia Siemens

- Ericsson

- Italtel


- Technical pre-sales

- Technical analysis

- Data Retention

- Lawful Interception

- Requirement analysis

- High-Level solution design (specification)

- Low-Level solution design (specification)

Vargha Dameshghi's Experience

LI Solution Architect AQSACOM Privately Held; Telecommunications industry October 2004 – Present (7 years 1 month)

Presales engineer Business Security Systems Computer Software industry January 2000 – September 2004 (4 years 9 months)

Vargha Dameshghi's Education

University of Technology, Sydney 1999 – 2006

Rajayi High School