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Involvement: ACMEPACKET as of 2011

Dino Di Palma brings over 15 years of executive sales experience to his role as senior vice president of worldwide sales and business development. Prior to joining Acme Packet in January 2001, Dino spent six years in systems engineering, sales and business development at Sema Priority Call. As the vice president of international business development for Sema Priority Call, Dino managed all activities of the Worldwide Business Development Directors group.

Prior to that, as vice president of Caribbean and South America, Dino identified and implemented support teams for sales, business development and operations throughout the region, and exceeded the region's sales quota by nearly 200%. Prior to Sema Priority Call, Dino worked in the Quebec provincial government in Montreal as a press and political attaché. Dino holds a BA degree in Economics and Political Science from McGill University and an MA degree in Public Policy and Business Administration from Concordia University.