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Involvement: GLIMMERGLASS as of 10/2011

Dr. Michael Frankel is an esteemed communications expert shepherding technological advances in R&D between the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the private sector. From 2002 to 2004, Michael served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3, Space and IT Programs, and oversaw numerous programs totaling $50 billion annually. During this time, he built the foundation for the Global Information Grid (GIG) by setting the architecture, standards and technology goals for GIG core programs as well as establishing a DoD systems engineering group. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Frankel served as Vice President and Director of the Information, Telecommunications and Automation Division at SRI International, where he directed research and application for a wide range of projects, from telecommunications to image processing to robotics. Dr. Frankel has authored or coauthored seventy SRI technical reports, twenty articles in technical journals, ten AFCEA conference presented papers, and numerous patent disclosures. He is a Fellow of the IEEE. Dr. Frankel was a member of the Defense Science Board and former Chairman of the Army Science Board. He was awarded the Secretary Of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service and he was awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Award by the U.S. Army. He has held board positions for companies such as Cisco Systems and received a BS, MSEE and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.