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MERA Systems, Inc.

15 Wertheim Court, Suite 303

Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B3H7


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NetBeholder — Lawful Interception and Surveillance System

Over the past years, the increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet has caused a dramatic shift in the way people share information. Today, Internet, e-mail, instant messaging and IP Telephony have put a whole new world of communication at our fingertips.

At the same time, these ingenious and sophisticated technologies are often used to promote crime, violence and terror, which compromise the values of human society. To prevent such threats, law enforcers and security authorities must keep well in advance of the technology curve.

With over decade of cutting-edge expertise in telecom software development, MERA Systems offers the best technological approach to implementation of the IP network surveillance and monitoring technology.

MERA's comprehensive IP data and voice interception solutions will help Law Enforcement Agencies fully control the security of the Internet and be always ahead of crime's next move in the new world of IP-based communication.

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