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Involvement: ENDACE as of 01/2012

Jason joined Endace in June 2007 to grow the appliance sales within the EMEA region, increasing revenue in both financial services and European government before becoming General Manager Sales EMEA in April 2010. In July 2011 he moved to the US to lead sales for the Americas.

Prior to joining Endace, Jason was the Sales Director for Northern Europe at iDirect Technologies, a US-based satellite communications firm that grew from a start-up to becoming the market leader. Prior to joining iDirect Jason was the Director of Sales for Western Europe and Government Services at EuropeStar Ltd, a start-up satellite operator co-funded by then Alcatel Space and Loral Space. EuropeStar provided global connectivity solutions to international government organisations for secure communications, as well as national broadcasting and telecommunications agencies.

Jason was educated in radio communications at the Army Apprentices College, Harrogate, prior to completing eight years of service in the Armed Forces (Royal Signals).