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Metadata also known as Traffic Data is the adressing / header information of Telecommunication (from whom to whom, identifiers such as phone numbers, e-mail adresses etc., as well as exact time etc - in case of mobile phones, location data might be included..).



Date Source Title Tags
20150422 Jeb Bush praises Obama for continuing NSA metadata surveillance US / NSA / Metadata
20150409 A Guide to the 5+ Known Intelligence Community Telecommunications Metadata Dragnets Metadata / NSA / US / DEA / CIA / FBI
20140729 Metadaten: Wie dein unschuldiges Smartphone fast dein ganzes Leben an den Geheimdienst übermittelt Metadata
20140510 ‘We Kill People Based on Metadata’ Metadata / US / NSA
20131031 Japanese govt to track tourists Metadata / JP
20131008 Fact: the NSA gets negligible intel from Americans' metadata. So end collection - Defenders of the NSA's bulk data collection program argue its necessity. But the evidence it makes us safer is vanishingly small Metadata / US / NSA
20130928 N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens US / NSA / Metadata
20130928 NSA uses metadata 'to create sophisticated graphs' of US citizens’ social connections Metadata / NSA
20130918 US-Geheimgericht: Verbindungsdaten sind nicht Teil der Privatsphäre FISA / Metadata / US
20130827 ACLU lawsuit, scientist demolishes NSA’s “It’s just metadata” excuse - The power of metadata: Addiction, sex, and accusations can all be discovered. Metadata
20130804 US-Bürgerrechtlerin über Überwachung: "Das Sammeln von Metadaten an sich ist schon Missbrauch" Metadata
20130802 FBI pressures Internet providers to install surveillance software - CNET has learned the FBI has developed custom "port reader" software to intercept Internet metadata in real time. And, in some cases, it wants to force Internet providers to use the software. US / FBI / Metadata / CALEA
20130802 Telefonüberwachung: Handy-Daten verraten illegale CIA-Operation Metadata
20130709 Überwachung: Wer hat uns verraten? Metadaten! Metadata
20130707 The NSA/GCHQ metadata reassurances are breathtakingly cynical - The public is being told that the NSA and GCHQ have 'only' been collecting metadata, not content. That's nothing to be thankful for Metadata / NSA / GCHQ
20130627 How the NSA is still harvesting your online data Files show vast scale of current NSA metadata programs, with one stream alone celebrating 'one trillion records processed' NSA / Metadata / XKEYSCORE