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aka US-984XN


PRISM is a code name for a program under which the National Security Agency has collected communications from at least 9 American Internet companies

It is authorized under Section 702 of a law passed in 2008 known as the FISA Amendments Act.

PRISM is one of the two FAA702 operations, the other is UPSTREAM

Presentation Slides from 201304 leaked 201306



Date Source Title Tags
20141228 NSA Document: User´s Guide for PRISM Skype Collection NSA / US-984XN / S3531 / SKYPE / CRYPTANALYTICS
20140912 NSA-Affäre: US-Regierung drohte Yahoo mit Millionenstrafe NSA / YAHOO / US / PRISM
20140911 U.S. threatened massive fine to force Yahoo to release data YAHOO / US / NSA / PRISM
20140822 Facebook given deadline in ‘largest privacy class action in Europe’ FACEBOOK / PRISM
20140501 Prism Operations Highlight / Olympics Support - GCHQ using PRISM access GCHQ / PRISM


Date Source Title Tags
20131021 Espionnage de la NSA : tous les documents publiés par "Le Monde" NSA / FR / US-984XN / US-985D / PRISM / UPSTREAM / STORMBREW
20130831 Microsoft, Google sue US for right to reveal nature of surveillance requests PRISM / MICROSOFT / GOOGLE
20130823 NSA paid millions to Internet companies to cover surveillance program costs NSA / PRISM / GOOGLE / YAHOO / MICROSOFT / FACEBOOK
20130823 Prism-Spähprogramm: US-Geheimdienst soll IT-Konzernen Millionen gezahlt haben NSA / PRISM / GOOGLE / YAHOO / MICROSOFT / FACEBOOK
20130823 NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies / Top-secret files show first evidence of financial relationship / Prism companies include Google and Yahoo, says NSA / Costs were incurred after 2011 Fisa court ruling NSA / PRISM / GOOGLE / YAHOO / MICROSOFT / FACEBOOK
20130725 Brief an Bundesregierung: NSA bestätigt Existenz von drei Prism-Programmen PRISM / NSA
20130718 Prism-Skandal: Die scheinheilige Transparenz-Botschaft der Internetriesen PRISM / APPLE / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE / MICROSOFT
20130718 Identische Datenbanken: Verwirrung um das doppelte Prism-Programm DE / PRISM / MAINWAY / MARINA
20130718 Posse um zweites Prism Merkel mutiert zur Daunendecke NSA / PRISM / MARINA / MAINWAY
20130717 Prism: committee urges review of legal framework for electronic surveillance - Intelligence and security committee also confirms GCHQ's use of NSA Prism surveillance material for first time PRISM / GCHQ / GB
20130717 Prism-Skandal: Microsoft will Details zur Geheimdienst-Kooperation nennen dürfen MICROSOFT / PRISM / NSA
20130716 Yahoo: Geheimgericht muss Prism-Urteil veröffentlichen YAHOO / PRISM / FISA
20130717 Why Was Apple Late To The PRISM Party? APPLE / PRISM
20130712 Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages MICROSOFT / NSA / PRISM / SKYPE
20130711 Überwachungsskandal: Microsoft soll seit Jahren mit US-Ermittlern kooperieren NSA / PRISM / MICROSOFT / SKYPE
20130711 Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages NSA / PRISM / MICROSOFT / SKYPE
20130708 NSA and GCHQ spy programmes face legal challenge - Privacy campaigners file claim saying laws used to justify data trawling by Prism and Tempora programmes are being abused GB / NSA / GCHQ / PRISM / TEMPORA
20130704 PRISM und Tempora: EU-Parlament setzt Untersuchungsausschuss ein EU / NSA / TEMPORA / PRISM
20130703 US-Spähprogramm: Verfassungsschutz will von Prism nichts gewusst haben PRISM / DE
20130701 "Prism" und die Internetgiganten - Doch direkter Zugriff auf die Server? PRISM / GOOGLE / YAHOO / FACEBOOK / MICROSOFT
20130629 NSA slides explain the PRISM data-collection program PRISM / NSA
20130627 NSA, GCHQ – Prism, Tempora: So überwachen uns die Geheimdienste über das Internet NSA / GCHQ / PRISM / TEMPORA / CARNIVORE / AT&T / NARUS
20130627 Prism und Tempora: Facebook-Kritiker gehen gegen Internetfirmen vor FACEBOOK / PRISM / TEMPORA
20130627 Prism, Tempora und die Bundesregierung: Ausgespäht und abgespeist DE / PRISM / TEMPORA
20130620 US House bill would force Obama to declassify Fisa court decisions: Legal justifications for NSA's wide-ranging surveillance would be released as lawmakers seek 'informed public debate' on Prism FISA / PRISM / US
20130617 ÜBERWACHUNG: Das Spionagesystem Prism und seine Brüder NSA / PRISM
20130617 Prism-Überwachungsprogramm: Snowden bezichtigt US-Geheimdienste der Lüge PRISM
20130617 NSA-Skandal: Prisms großer Bruder NSA / PRISM
20130616 Überwachungsprogramm Prism: Innenpolitiker fordern ein deutsches Google PRISM / DE
20130615 Secret to Prism program: Even bigger data seizure PRISM / NSA / MICROSOFT / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE
20130615 Spähprogramm Prism: Google kritisiert Microsoft und Facebook PRISM / GOOGLE / MICROSOFT / FACEBOOK
20130614 Prism NSA surveillance 'did not collect European data in bulk' - EU commissioner says she has assurances that only those suspected of links to terrorism or cybercrime were targeted EU / PRISM
20130614 Prism-Skandal: Yahoo hat sich gegen Datenspionage gewehrt PRISM / YAHOO
20130614 Späh-Programm Prism: Google und Microsoft bitten Merkel um Hilfe PRISM / GOOGLE / MICROSOFT
20130614 EU macht Druck: USA versprechen Auskunft zu PRISM PRISM / EU
20130614 On PRISM, partisanship and propaganda: Addressing many of the issues arising from last week's NSA stories PRISM / NSA / US
20130614 Prism-Skandal: Warum Google auf Transparenz setzt und AT&T schweigt PRISM
20130613 Prism-Skandal: Warum Google auf Transparenz setzt und AT&T schweigt PRISM
20130613 Bundesnachrichtendienst hatte keine Ahnung von PRISM BND / PRISM
20130612 Google details how it hands over data to federal officials GOOGLE / PRISM / NSA
20130612 Lehren aus Prism: Google, Facebook, Microsoft machen den Job der NSA PRISM / NSA / GOOGLE / FACEBOOK / MICROSOFT
20130612 Überwachungsprogramm: Mehrere Staaten haben offenbar Zugriff auf Prism-Daten PRISM / BE / NL / RU / EU / FSB
20130611 Prism-Skandal: Kommissarin Reding will Europa vor US-Datenangriffen schützen PRISM / EU
20130611 European Parliament Up In Arms Over PRISM EU / PRISM
20130611 Ook Staatsveiligheid krijgt informatie uit Prism BE / PRISM
20130611 'AIVD heeft ook toegang tot informatie uit PRISM AIVD / NL / NSA / PRISM / GOOGLE / SKYPE / FACEBOOK
20130608 Credibility Crunch for Tech Companies Over Prism PRISM / NSA / GOOGLE / MICROSOFT / SKYPE / FACEBOOK
20130608 Intel Director Sets Record Straight on PRISM, Sort Of NSA / PRISM / CLAPPER, JAMES R.
20130608 Überwachungsprogramm Prism: Die wackeligen Dementis von Larry Page und Mark Zuckerberg FACEBOOK / NSA / PRISM
20130608 Mark Zuckerberg: I want to respond personally to the outrageous press reports about PRISM: FACEBOOK / PRISM
20130608 NSA's Prism surveillance program: how it works and what it can do - Slide from secret PowerPoint presentation describes how program collects data 'directly from the servers' of tech firms PRISM
20130607 'I Cannot Figure Out Why This Was Classified to Begin With': What the PRISM leaks have in common with the Pentagon Papers US / NSA / PRISM
20130607 The PRISM spin war has begun PRISM / NSA / GOOGLE / FACEBOOK
20130606 Internet Companies Deny Offering Government Access to Customer Data NSA / PRISM / GOOGLE / APPLE / SKYPE / FACEBOOK
20130607 NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others - Top-secret Prism program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Apple and Facebook - Companies deny any knowledge of program in operation since 2007 PRISM / GOOGLE / APPLE / FACEBOOK