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Official Coordinates

  • Established in 2002, TraceSpan is a private US company with a development center in Israel.

Main / Registered Office (USA)

TraceSpan Communications

4695 Chabot Drive, ste 200

Pleasanton CA, 94588, USA

T: +925 558-2278

F: +925 913-7024


Other Offices

EMEA (Israel)

TraceSpan Communications Ltd.

P.O. Box 2444, 8 Hasadna St.

Ra'anana 43663 ISRAEL

T: +972-9-746-2221

F: +972-9-746-9411


Asia Pacific (Singapore)

TraceSpan Communications

ANG MO KIO CTL, P.O. Box 509


T: +65 9661 8309

F: +65 6234 0710


Involved Persons

Management Team

Products / Services

  • GPON Monitor System
  • DSL Phantom ADSL LI Solution
  • VDSL Phantom
  • GPON Phantom LI for Optical Fiber Lines Using GPON Technology
  • DOCSIS Phantom for Cable Networks
  • Phantom Vierer - Monitoring Application for Network Traffic Display

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
01.12.2011 DOCSIS Phantom Interception Solution for Cable Networks (Brochure) TRACESPAN
01.12.2011 GPON Monitor Centralized Passive GPON Performance Monitor (Brochure) TRACESPAN Monitoring
01.12.2011 GPON Phantom Interception Solution for GPON Optical Fiber Lines (Brochure) TRACESPAN FIBRE INTERCEPTION
01.12.2011 DSL Phantom 3000 ADSL Interception Solution (Brochure) TRACESPAN
01.12.2011 DSL Phantom 3000A: Interceptor de lineas de Banda Ancha (Brochure) TRACESPAN
01.12.2011 ADSL Interceptacao de Linhas de Banda Larga (Brochure) TRACESPAN
01.12.2011 Phantom 3000A (russian) (Brochure) TRACESPAN
01.12.2011 Phantom Viewer / IP LI Analysis Tool (Brochure) TRACESPAN
01.12.2011 VDSL Phantom 3838 VDSL2 Interception Solution (Brochure) TRACESPAN