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Date Source Title Tags
20150929 theintercept.com A Death in Athens - Did a Rogue NSA Operation Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee? GR / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS / VODAFONE / BASIL, WILLIAM GEORGE / NSA / CIA / POUND, RICHARD ERIC / ERICSSON / LAWFUL INTERCEPTION / IMS
24.04.2012 greece.greekreporter.com Prosecutor Orders Exhumation of Tsalikidis’ Body, Wiretapping Case to Reopen TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS
20071125 theguardian.com Vodafone faces court case in 'bugging' row - Parents believe their son was murdered before he could blow the whistle TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS
05.08.2007 guardian.co.uk Family of Vodafone engineer found hanged vow to clear son's reputation TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS
22.08.2006 bradblog.com The Men Who Knew Too Much? NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found Dead in Italy and Greece GR / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS / IT / BOVE, ADAMO
21.06.2006 Wall Street Journal ON THE HOOK: Vodafone, Ericsson Get Hung Up In Greece's Phone-Tap Scandal - Bugging of Nation's Leaders Points to Security Holes, Sets Off Multiple Probes - Technician's Mysterious Death GR / VODAFONE / ERICSSON / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS
24.03.2006 bbc.co.uk Death muddies Greek spy probe GR / VODAFONE / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS / KORONIAS, GIORGOS
12.03.2006 guardian.co.uk Wrong signals over Greek phone-tapping scandal - 'Who is Big Brother?' politicians are asking as Vodafone struggles to exonerate the firm from Greece's 'Watergate'. Helena Smith reports from Athens GR / KORONIAS, GIORGOS / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS