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Official Coordinates

headquarters are located, and the Board of Directors is seated, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Products / Services

  • LI / Ericsson Interception Management System (IMS)

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20150929 A Death in Athens - Did a Rogue NSA Operation Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee? GR / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS / VODAFONE / BASIL, WILLIAM GEORGE / NSA / CIA / POUND, RICHARD ERIC / ERICSSON / LAWFUL INTERCEPTION / IMS
13.02.2012 PENSIONSFONDS: Norwegen investiert Milliarden in Hersteller von Überwachungstechnik - Der staatliche Pensionsfonds von Norwegen investiert in Firmen, die Regimen wie Syrien mit Spionage- und Zensurtechnik helfen. Der Ethikrat des Fonds könnte das ändern. NO / BLUECOAT / NETAPP / ERICSSON / THALES / SY
10.02.2012 Dagens Næringsliv Ser alt, horer alt, lagrer alt NO / ERICSSON / SY / BLUECOAT / NETAPP / FORTINET AMESYS / SYBORG / TINEX
31.10.2011 Ericsson pekas ut för Iranaffärer IR ERICSSON
31.10.2011 Ericsson sålde övervakningssystem till Iran IR ERICSSON
31.10.2011 Ericsson får kritik för "dödshandel" IR ERICSSON
31.10.2011 Iranian Police Seizing Dissidents Get Aid Of Western Companies IR ERICSSON CREATIVITY
31.10.2011 Iranian Police Seizing Dissidents Get Aid Of Western Companies IR ERICSSON CREATIVITY
23.12.2010 Spiegel Online Telekom-Ausrüster: Ericsson liefert Weißrussland Überwachungstechnik BY ERICSSON
22.12.2010 Belarusians intercepted by Ericsson technology BY ERICSSON
23.11.2010 Sweden's Ericsson accused of monitoring in Iran IR ERICSSON
20060622 Greek Wiretapping Scandal GR / ERICSSON / VODAFONE
21.06.2006 Wall Street Journal ON THE HOOK: Vodafone, Ericsson Get Hung Up In Greece's Phone-Tap Scandal - Bugging of Nation's Leaders Points to Security Holes, Sets Off Multiple Probes - Technician's Mysterious Death GR / VODAFONE / ERICSSON / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS
12.02.2006 Ericsson Interception Managment System Manual IMS
?? IMS User Manual 7.1.8 IMS