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Vendors of SIGINT/COMINT/LI and supporting Technologies and Systems

Vendor Name Technology/Service Provided Place of Registration Ownership
Ability Satellite/Cellular Monitoring and selective Jamming Tel Aviv (IL)
ACCESSDATA Digital Investigation / Forensics / Decryption Lindon, UT (US)
ACME Packet SBCs / MSGs / SRPs / VoIP LI Delaware (US) NASDAQ:APKT
AGNITIO S.L. Speech Recognition Madrid (ES)
Alcatel-Lucent Lawful Interception (LI) Paris (FR) Public (NYSE)
Allot Communications Ltd Deep Packet Inspection Hod-Hasharon (IL)
Altron Lawful Interception, Monitoring, Recording Kharkov (UA)
AMESYS Tactical and Strategic Interception and Lawful Intercpetion, COMINT, Monitoring, Speech Recognition AIX-EN_PROVENCE (FR) BULL Group (FR)
AUDIOTEL International Tactical COMINT Systems and Countermeasures Corby, Northans (GB) ?
AQSACOM Lawful Interception, Internet Monitoring Les Ulis (FR)
ARCADIA aka ARC4DIA Exploits Val-des-Monts, CA
Area Spa Lawful Interception / Tactical Interception Binago, Como (IT)
ATIS systems GmbH (ATIS UHER) Lawful Interception / Large Scale ComInt Monitoring Bad Homburg (DE)
Audio Video Intelligence Corporation Tactical Audio/Video/GSM-Interception Manila (PH)
B.E.A. S.r.l. Tactical Interception Devices Torino (IT)
BlueCoat Intelligence Centers, Deep Packet Inspection, Internet Filtering Sunnyvale, CA (US) NASDAQ: BCSI
BRIGHTPLANET Social Network Intelligence Sioux Falls, South Dakota (US) -
Cambridge Consultants Consultancy on mobile Surveillance Cambridge (GB)
Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization Ltd. Cell Phone Forensics Petah Tikva (IL)
ClearTrail Lawful Interception / ComInt / Strategic Interception / Mass Monitoring of IP and Voice Networks Indore (IN)
COBHAM Tactical GSM Interception Wimborne, Dorset (GB)
CommuniGate Systems Lawful Interception Mill Valley, CA (US)
Comverse Lawful Interception (US) (IL)
Creativity Software LI, Location Positioning Infrastructure Surrey (GB)
C Tech Bilişim Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. AS. Lawful Interception, Monitoring, Deep Packet Inspection Gebze / Kocaeli (TR)
Cyberoam Deep Packet Inspection New Jersey (US)
DATAKOM Lawful Interception / Interception Systems Ismaning (DE)
DATONG GSM Passive Surveillance / Tactical Interception Leeds (GB)
Delta SPE Collection & Processing of Packet Data Satellite Services Kiev (UA)
Delma MSS GSM Tracking/Surveillance Alresford, Hampshire (GB) (GB)
Detica Information / Intelligence Processing Guildford, Surrey (GB)
Dialogic SMS Monitoring San Jose, CA (US)
DigiVox B.V. Lawful Interception, Tactical GSM Interception Rotterdam (NL)
DIGINT Srl Lawful Interception Garbagnate Milanese, MI (IT) Finmeccanica (IT)
DigiTask Trojans ("Remote Forensics") / WiFi Interception Haiger (DE)
Dreamlab Technologies AG Lawful Interception / VOIP LI / Trojans Bern (CH)
EBS-Electronic GmbH Tactical Tracking Devices Gröbenzell (DE)
Elaman Trojans / Strategic & Tactical Communication Monitoring / Intelligence Gathering Munich (DE) (DE)
Elbit Systems Intelligence Support / C4I. Collection, Analysis / PC Surveillance, Covert Intelligence Haifa (IL) NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT
Elta Systems Ltd. SIGINT, Tactical GSM/UMTS/WIMAX/Satellite Interception/Monitoring/Tracking (IL
ENDACE accelerated Traffic Data Processing, Monitoring Auckland (NZ) LSE: EDA.L
ERA IT Solutions AG Trojans Domat/Ems (CH)
Ericsson Ericsson surveillance suite Monitoring, Lawful Interception Stockholm (SE)
ETI A/S Lawful Interception, Monitoring Nr. Sundby (DK)
Expert System S.p.A. Semantic Analysis Modena (IT)
FireDigit bvba Lawful Interception Sint-Niklaas (BE)
Fox-IT Lawful Interception, Interception Analytics Delft (NL)
GAMMA Group Trojans / Tactical Interception GAMMA International GmbH & Co KG München (DE) / Gamma International Ltd. Andover, Hampshire (GB)
Gigamon Gigabit Internet Monitoring Milpitas, CA (US)
Glimmerglass Monitoring of optical signals and networks Hayward, CA (US) Private
Griff Comm Ltd Covert Surveillance LLandrindod Well, Powys (GB)
GROUP2000 Lawful Interception / Deep Packet Inspection AH Almelo (NL)
GTEN DATAKOM Lawful Interception Ismaning (DE)
Gita Technologies Ltd. SIGINT/COMINT Rosh-HaAyin (IL)
Guidance Software Encase Intelligence Software / Forensics Pasadena, CA (US)
Hacking Team Trojans ("Remote Control System") Milano (IT)
Harris Wireless Products Group Tactical Mobile Phone Interception/Tracking Melbourne, FL (US)
Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd Covert Tracking & Surveillance Devices Essex (GB)
HSS Development Tactical Mobile Phone Interception / Jamming New York (US)
Huawei Technologies Lawful Interception / COMINT (CN) (CN)
IBH Impex Tactical Sat-/GSM-/Radio- Interception, Internet Monitoring, Bugs, Sweeping (TCSM) Dessau (DE)
Innova S.p.A. LI, Monitoring, Tactical Tracking & Surveillance Trieste (IT)
Intelligentias Inc. Lawful Interception, Data Retention Redwood City CA (US)
INVEA-TECH Lawful Interception, Data Retention Brno (CZ)
IPOQUE Deep Packet Inspection Leipzig (DE)
IPS Intelligence & Public Security S.p.A. Monitoring, Recording Aprilia, LT (IT)
ISKRATEL Lawful Interception, SORM Kranj (SI)
IVIGNERI GSM Decryption (MY)
KBI Optronics GmbH Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Penig (DE)
Kommlabs Dezign Pvt. Ltd. Lawful Interception, Strategic Interception, Tactical GSM Interception Noida (IN)
LOQUENDO Vocal Technology and Services / Speech Recognition Turin (IT)
Macro System Lawful Interception / Telecommunication Surveillance Warsaw (PL)
Medav GmbH Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions Uttenreuth (DE) (DE)
MERA Systems, Inc. Internet surveillance and monitoring Richmond Hill, Ontario (CA)
Motec Strategical Monitoring, Tactical Surveillance Kuala Lumpur (MY)
Micro Systemation AB Cell Phone Forensics Solna (SE)
Narus Real Time IP Traffic Monitoring, Traffic Intelligence, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Sunnyvale, CA (US) Boeing (US)
NEOSOFT Tactical GSM Interception Zuerich (CH)
NETOPTICS Access and Monitoring Architecture Santa Clara, CA (US)
NETRAGARD Exploits Massachusetts (US)
NETSWEEPER Internet Monitoring and Filtering Guelph, Ontario (CA)
NETI Monitoring, Analytical Tools, Tactical Appliances Budapest (HU)
Netquest Corporation Monitoring, Interception Mt. Laurel, NJ (US)
NetWitness Internet Monitoring Reston, VA (US)
Newport Networks VoIP COMINT Chepstow , Gwent (GB)
Nice Systems Monitoring, Investigating, Tracking (IL) NASDAQ: NICE
@one IT GmbH Lawful Interception Friedberg(DE)
ONPATH Technologies Lawful Interception Marlton NJ (US)
OPENET Lawful Interception Dublin (IE)
PAD Datentechnik GmbH Covert Tracking Devices with Audio Transmission Hameln (DE)
Panoptech Convergent Intelligence Platform Fleet, Hampshire (GB)
PK-Electronic Tactical SIGINT/COMINT Systems Luetjensee near Hamburg (DE)
Plath GmbH Communication Profiling, COPS, Thuraya Interception Hamburg (DE)
Pen Link Collection & Recording of Intercepted Communication Lincoln, NE (US)
Phoenix Speech Recognition Colorado Springs, CO (US)
Phonexia s.r.o. Speech Recognition Brno (CZ)
Polaris Wireless LI Santa Clara, CA (US)
QOSMOS Network Intelligence, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Identity Tracking Paris (FR)
Rayzone Tactical Mobile Phone Interception / Data Extraction Tel Aviv (IL)
RCS IP Traffic Analysis Caltanissetta (IT)
Rohde & Schwarz HF-Monitoring / Direction Finding Munich (DE) (DE)
retentia Data Retention Silicon Valley (US)
REUTER Recording Systems for Communication Surveillance Haiger (DE)
Seartech Tactical Surveillance Electronics Pretoria (ZA)
Selectronic Tracking Hünstetten (DE)
Septier Dual Usage Strategy of Lawful Interception Systems Petach Tikva (IL) (IL)
SHOGI Communications Tactical SIGINT/COMINT Systems Shimla, HP (IN)
Siemens Intelligence Platform, Lawful Interception, Monitoring Center Munich (DE) (DE)
SS8 Networks Lawful Interception/ Monitoring Center Milpitas, CA (US)
Syborg Lawful Interception Bexbach (DE) VERINT (IL)
Spectronic Systems A/S Speech Recognition Copenhagen (DK)
Speech Technology Center, Ltd. Audio Forensics St. Petersburg (RU)
Spektra srl Tactical Interception, Positioning/Tracking Busto Arsizio (IT)
Suntech Intelligence Lawful Interception, Data Retention, Intelligent Interception Transmission Florianópolis (BR)
Stratign FZCO Tactical Interception Dubai (AE)
Tamara Electronic Ltd. Sti Passive Monitoring Istanbul (TR)
telesoft TECHNOLOGIES LI, SIGINT/COMINT Components, Tactical Monitoring Blandford Dorset (GB)
Teletel Lawful Interception Athens (GR)
Thales Surveillance, Detection and Intelligence Platform Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex (FR) (FR)
Tinex Lawful Interception, Tactical Interception Oslo (NO)
TraceSpan Communications Broadband Analysis and Monitoring Pleasanton CA (US)
Trovicor LI, Monitoring Centers, Siemens Intelligence Center Munich (DE) PERUSA Holding
Ultrareach Ultrasurf Cheyenne (US) -
Unispeed A/S Lawful Interception Copenhagen (DK)
Utimaco Safeware Network Monitoring / LI / Data Retention Aachen (DE) SOPHOS (GB)
VASTech Network Recording, Passive Surveillance, Strategic Interception Stellenbosch (ZA)
VERINT (formerly: Comverse Infosys) Lawful Interception Melville, NY (US) NASDAQ: VRNT
Vervis COMINT Services GmbH Monitoring Rosenheim (DE)
VigiTrust LEA & Intelligence Services Dublin (IE)
Vineyard Networks Lawful Interception, Decryption Kelowna, British Columbia (US)
Vixtel Lawful Interception Beijing (CN)
VOCAL Technologies, Inc. Lawful Interception Amherst, New York (US)
VUPEN Exploits (FR)
OMNI Wildpackets Lawful Interception / VoIP Monitoring Walnut Creek, CA (US)
YTRAIL Social Network Intelligence Zug (CH)
ZTE Lawful Interception (CN)
3M Services Lawful Interception Hannover (DE)

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