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Official Coordinates

303 Twin Dolphin Drive #306

Redwood City, CA 94065


T: +1-650-632-4526

Persons Involved

Products & Services

Intelligentias is a world-wide group of data intelligence Companies. We market Homeland Security products to Law Enforcement Agencies, Telco's and ISP's all over the world. Our portfolio company Retentia, Inc. (formerly Systeam), sells Data Retention, Tracking and Management software to some of the largest organizations in the world. Telco's use our software to keep track of the phone calls made by their customers. Enterprises use our software to notify them of security breaches and malicious behavior. ISP's use our software to keep track of the web sites being visited by their customers, and Law enforcement agencies use our software to catch criminals and terrorists. Our portfolio company Investigatia, Inc. launching in 2007 is our data investigation company. Investigatia intends to focus on fraud, identity theft, identity authentication and verification. Our portfolio company Interceptia, Inc. launching in 2007 is our Lawful Intercept company. Interceptia intends to focus on Legal«Less

Retentia Data Retention Suite


DESCRIPTION: The Puma family of 10G PHY devices comprises single-channel CMOS physical layer transceiver devices that include the SerDes function [10G/XAUI] and provide full implementation of the PMA, PCS and XGXS sub-layers of the IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet and INCITS 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel standards. This includes implementation of:

10 Gbps and 3 Gbps clock and data recovery Serialization/deserialization 64B/66B and 8B/10B encoding/decoding Synchronization, alignment and deskew functions Line Side System Side Standard 10 Gigabit Ethernet 10.3125 Gbps 4 x 3.125 Gbps IEEE802.3ae 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel 10.51875 Gbps 4 x 3.1875 Gbps INCITS 10GFC 10 Gigabit Ethernet WIS 9.953 Gbps 4 x 3.125 Gbps IEEE 802.3ae

The Puma devices exhibit jitter tolerance and jitter generation performance characteristics that substantially exceed specifications. In addition, the integration of a limiting amplifier provides a single-ended input receiver sensitivity of 10mV, allowing the flexibility to choose optical components based upon price and power considerations. The XAUI interface is capable of driving 3.125 Gbps signals across 40 inches of FR-4 backplane.

Aeluros has developed 2 families of 10G PHY products specially focused on two different application segments:

Optimized for XAUI-based optical modules (power and MDIO optimized)

Optimized for line-card applications (includes adaptive equalizer for optimizing FR4 distance between PHY and XFP) Application Characteristic Aeluros Solution Low Power LAN PHY Optimized for 10GBASE-R modules Puma AEL1001 Low Latency LAN PHY Optimized for data center clustering Puma AEL1002 Low Power LAN PHY Optimized for 10GBASE-LRM modules Puma AEL1003 Low Power LAN/WAN PHY Optimized for 10GBASE-R & -W modules Puma AEL1004 Low Power LAN/WAN PHY Optimized for 10GBASE-R & -W line cards Puma AEL1005 LAN PHY with VCSEL driver Optimized for 10GBASE-SR modules Puma AEL1006

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01.12.2011 IP Data Retention: The challenge of IP Data Retention to Traditional Approach RETENTIA Data Retention

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