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Official Coordinates


Registred Address

Global International HQ, Israel (IL)

Tel +972-9-775-3777

Fax +972-9-743-4282

Other Offices

Americas, North America (US)

Tel +1-201-964-2600

Fax +1-201-964-2610

EMEA, Europe & Middle East (GB)

Tel +44-1489-771-200

Fax +44-1489-771-665

APAC, Asia Pacific (HK)

Tel +852-2598-3838

Fax +852-2802-1800

Registered Documents

Products / Services

NICE Systems provides Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with mission critical Lawful Interception solutions to support the fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and terror.

NiceTrack offers a user-centric working environment to maximize the efficiency of the lawful interception process. We deliver a complete suite of operational tools and applications to ensure that meaningful information is delivered to operational staff in real-time. NiceTrack products are fully compliant with ETSI, CALEA and other international lawful interception standards and regulations. By utilizing NiceTrack technology, LEAs can keep pace with rapid technology developments and evolving legislative requirements.

For further information, select one of the following links:

  • Interception and Mediation
  • Monitoring Center
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Professional Services

NiceTrack Target 360 Degrees

Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20160122 The Espionage Economy - U.S. firms are making billions selling spyware to dictators. MARTINELLI, RICARDO / PA / NSO GROUP TECHNOLOGIES / PEGASUS / VERINT / CO / NICE / KZ / UZ / NETRONOME
20141120 Privacy International uncovers widespread surveillance throughout Central Asia, exposes role of Israeli companies KZ / KG / TJ / TM / UZ / VERINT / NICE / KNB / SNB
20141120 Special Report: Private Interests - Monitoring Central Asia KZ / KG / TJ / TM / UZ / VERINT / NICE / KNB / SNB
20141120 U.S. Firms Accused of Enabling Surveillance in Despotic Central Asian Regimes VERINT / NETRONOME / NICE / KZ / UZ
20140528 Root backdoor found in surveillance gear used by law enforcement - Vulnerability one of nine critical weaknesses from lawful intercept provider. NICE
20140425 Contratos por más de US 35 millones para renovar salas de interceptación NICE / CO
20130904 NiceTrack Horizon Insight NICE
20130904 NiceTrack Intelligence Services NICE
20130904 NiceTrack Location Tracking Solutions NICE
20130904 Safe City Solutions NICE
03.04.2012 Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA US IL NSA VERINT COMVERSE NARUS ELTA NICE UNIT 8200