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Official Coordinates

RCS S.p.A.

Caldera Business Park - Building B

Via Caldera 21

20153 Milan - Italy

C.F. / P.I. 07715580630

T: +39-02-39777315

F: +39-02-39777222

E: info@rcslab.it.

W: http://rcslab.it/

Domain Registration

cosystemlab Snc

Viale Sicilia 26





Created: 2007-03-01 10:39:15

Last Update: 2011-03-04 15:45:39

Admin Contact

Name: Carmelo Cascino

ContactID: CC1299

Address: Viale Sicilia 26





  • Nameservers: dns.technorail.com, dns2.technorail.com

Products / Services

Voice and Multimedia Monitoring Centres

Advanced Internet Monitoring Centres


Investigations & Analysis Plaform (Sfera)


  • Data entry and file management module. This module imports traffic data and individual records from various sources.
  • Graph Module. The purpose of the graph module is to perform Link Analysis. An easy-to-read, graph model provides a means of exploring relationships between entities, making it easy to handle and interpret even large amounts of data.
  • Mapping Module. The mapping module draws on GIS capabilities to spatially reference data held in the system in relation to the vicinity, infrastructures and physical features of an area. The resultant map can be used to locate mobile phone cells being investigated, track movement of entities over time, headings, estimated distances covered in a given time, find addresses and identify any points of interest such as service stations, motorway tolls, etc.
  • Record management module. This module records and catalogues the personal details of all entities and notes any relationships between them. The variables referred to include individual people, telephone numbers, mobile phones (IMEI) or land lines, SIM cards (IMSI), geographical locations and addresses, etc.
  • Search Module. This module performs specialist searches of data based on selected search criteria. The purpose of these searches is to find any data that meets the specified criteria.
  • Statistics Module. This module examines statistics generated from traffic imported and presents them in graphic or table format. Statistics include contact matrices and call frequencies of individuals and phones.
  • Report Generation Module. All system-generated results can be presented in a print-ready report with optimized layout.

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
15.02.2012 fm4.orf.at Technische Hilfe für Nahost-Diktaturen TROVICOR ATIS IBM RCS NEOSOFT HUAWEI ZTE