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(Articles / Events / Situations)
(Articles / Events / Situations)
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|04.09.2011||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-Hint5000Inte-en.pdf Hinton 5000 Interceptor Passive probe]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2013||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-Hint5000Inte-en.pdf Hinton 5000 Interceptor Passive probe]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2011||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-HintAbisProb-en.pdf Hinton Abis Probe]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2013||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-HintAbisProb-en.pdf Hinton Abis Probe]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2011||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-HintMobiData-en.pdf Hinton Mobile Data Probe]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2013||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-HintMobiData-en.pdf Hinton Mobile Data Probe]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2011||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-PackMoniSolu-en.pdf Packet Monitoring Solutions]||[[TELESOFT]]
|04.09.2013||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/TELESOFTTECHNOLOGIES-2011-PackMoniSolu-en.pdf Packet Monitoring Solutions]||[[TELESOFT]]
|01.12.2011||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/telesoft/208_hinton-network-independent-cdr-application-note.html HINTON Network Independent CDR Application Note]||[[TELESOFT]]
|01.12.2011||wikileaks.org||[http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles/docs/telesoft/208_hinton-network-independent-cdr-application-note.html HINTON Network Independent CDR Application Note]||[[TELESOFT]]

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Official Coordinates

Registred Address

Telesoft Technologies Ltd.

Observatory House

Blandford Dorset

DT11 9LQ

United Kingdom

T: +44-1258-480880

F: +44-1258-486598

Other Offices


Telesoft Technologies Inc.

Suite 601

4340 Georgetown Square

Atlanta GA 30338


T: +1-770-454-6001

F: +1-770-452-0130


Telesoft Technologies Ltd.

(Branch Office) Building FC-24

Sector 16A Noida 201301

Uttar Pradesh





Products / Services

Lawful Interception Standards

Lawful Interception (LI) is a legal requirement where both the signalling and bearer channels are monitored in real-time to assist in the fight against crime and terrorism. The monitored signalling and bearer channels get switched to a recording device based on a user-configurable dynamic target database.

There are three main standards which passive probes use to egress data back to the collection equipment, these are:

  • ETSI 201 671 is the European standard for PSTN lawful interception. It covers the provisioning of target data and the handover interface to the customer. Telesoft Technologies HINTON product provides full adherence to this specification for PSTN and GSM networks, including the tracking of subscribers between base stations, and acquisition of location data and SMS data.

Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement (CALEA , J-STD-025 ) is a law, introduced by the US government in 1994, to provide definition on the requirements of communication services providers to provide wiretap capabilities to law enforcement agencies. The CALEA interface is suported by Telesoft Technologies HINTON product.

  • SORM is a standard for Lawful Interception interfaces, predominantly used in Russia. The Telesoft Technologies HINTON product supports this interface, including the sophisticated provisioning and egress trunk partitioning components.

HINTON Interceptor

The HINTON Interceptor is a scalable passive probe solution for Lawful Intercept, Homeland Security...

HINTON Interceptor - Survey Tools

A range of signalling analysis tools are available with the HINTON Interceptor to aid in the operation...

HINTON Locator

The HINTON Locator is a passive monitoring probe that can be connected to any mobile network to give...

HINTON Monitor

The HINTON Monitor allows system integrators (SIs) and OEMs to provide a wide range of value added and...

HINTON Decoder

The HINTON Decoder derives data from the signalling messages within a monitored telephony network. As...

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
04.09.2013 wikileaks.org Hinton 5000 Interceptor Passive probe TELESOFT
04.09.2013 wikileaks.org Hinton Abis Probe TELESOFT
04.09.2013 wikileaks.org Hinton Mobile Data Probe TELESOFT
04.09.2013 wikileaks.org Packet Monitoring Solutions TELESOFT
01.12.2011 wikileaks.org HINTON Network Independent CDR Application Note TELESOFT
01.10.2008 wikileaks.org Real Time Intercept from Packet Networks, Challenges and Solutions TELESOFT IP INTERCEPT
01.02.2007 wikileaks.org Intelligent Probing for Intelligence and LI Applications LI