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Intel Environment

Military Alliance
Interior Intelligence Services Presidents Office: National Intelligence School (ENI) – Escuela Nacional de Inteligencia / Directorate of Judicial Surveillance (DOJ) – Dirección de Observaciones Judiciales / Federal Counternarcotics Service (SEFECONAR) – Servicio Federal de Lucha contra el Narcotráfico / Argentine National Gendarmerie Intelligence (SIGN) – Inteligencia de la Gendarmería Nacional Argentin / MoJ: Federal Penitentiary Service Intelligence – Inteligencia del Servicio Penitenciario Federal / Airport Security Police Intelligence – Inteligencia de la Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria / MoI: National Directorate of Criminal Intelligence (DNIC) – Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia Crimina / Argentine Federal Police Intelligence – Inteligencia de la Policía Federal Argentina / Buenos Aires Police Intelligence (SIPBA) (Buenos Aires Police Intelligence) – Inteligencia de la Policía Bonaerense / Argentine Naval Prefecture Intelligence (SIPN) – Inteligencia de la Prefectura Naval Argentina / MoE: Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) – Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera
Exterior Intelligence Services Presidents Office: Secretariat of Intelligence (SI) – Secretaría de Inteligencia
Military Intelligence Services MoD: National Directorate of Strategic Military Intelligence (DNIEM) – Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia Estratégica Militar / Intelligence Department of the Joint General Staff of the Armed Forces (J-2) / Military Intelligence Collection Center (CRIM) – Central de Reunión de Inteligencia Militar / Army Intelligence Service (SIE) – Servicio de Inteligencia del Ejército / Naval Intelligence Service (SIN) – Servicio de Inteligencia Naval / Air Force Intelligence Service (SIFA) – Servicio de Inteligencia de la Fuerza Aérea

Telco/Carrier/ISP Environment

Type Name Ownership Main Office URL Notes

Transnational Cables and Connections

Type Name Ownership Connecting Operator Point A Connection Operator Point B URL/Notes

SIGINT/COMINT Stations and Operators

Privacy Related Legislation

LI Legislation


Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20150622 Controversial GCHQ Unit Engaged in Domestic Law Enforcement, Online Propaganda, Psychology Research GCHQ / JTRIG / IR / AF / AR / GB
20150403 UK spied on Argentina over alleged new attempt to take Falklands – Snowden leak GB / GCHQ / AR
20150215 Pope Francis: Don’t Spy On Me, Argentina AR
20130425 Spyware. HackingTeam HACKINGTEAM / MX / IT / VN / AE / IQ / LB / MA / PA / TJ / IN / IR / SA / KR / ES / PL / TR / AR / CA / ML / OM / CN / US / KZ / EG / UA / UZ / CO / TW / BR / RU / KG / GB / BH / ET / ID / DE / LY

Unconfirmed Rumors

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