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Intel Environment

Military Alliances CSTO, SCO
Interior Intelligence Services Кумитаи давлатии амнияти милли (КДАМ), in Russian: Государственный комитет национальной безопасности (ГКНБ) (in english: State Committee on National Security (SCNS))
Exterior Intelligence Services
Military Intelligence Services

Telco/Carrier/ISP Environment

Type Name Ownership Main Office URL Notes
GSM 900 CJSC Babilon-Mobile (Babilon-M)
3G 2100 CJSC Babilon-Mobile (Babilon-M)
GSM 900/1800 Indigo Tajikistan
3G 2100 Indigo Tajikistan
GSM 900 JV Somoncom
GSM 900/1800 TT Mobile, Closed joint-stock company (Mobile Lines of Tajikistan)
3G 2100 Tacom LLC (BEELINE TJ)
GSM 900/1800 Tacom LLC (BEELINE TJ)

Transnational Cables and Connections

Type Name Ownership Connecting Operator Point A Connection Operator Point B URL/Notes

SIGINT/COMINT Stations and Operators

Privacy Related Legislation

LI Legislation


Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20141120 Privacy International uncovers widespread surveillance throughout Central Asia, exposes role of Israeli companies KZ / KG / TJ / TM / UZ / VERINT / NICE / KNB / SNB
20141120 Special Report: Private Interests - Monitoring Central Asia KZ / KG / TJ / TM / UZ / VERINT / NICE / KNB / SNB
20130425 Spyware. HackingTeam HACKINGTEAM / MX / IT / VN / AE / IQ / LB / MA / PA / TJ / IN / IR / SA / KR / ES / PL / TR / AR / CA / ML / OM / CN / US / KZ / EG / UA / UZ / CO / TW / BR / RU / KG / GB / BH / ET / ID / DE / LY
30.04.2012 Your Eurovision Song Contest Vote May Be Monitored: Mass Surveillance in Former Soviet Republics TELIASONERA BY AZ KZ UZ TJ GE SORM
30.04.2012 Mass Surveillance in Former Soviet Republic TELIASONERA BY AZ KZ UZ TJ GE
26.04.2012 Video: The Black Boxes: Nordic Telecom giant Teliasonera is intimately connected to human rights abuses in the former CIS countries where the company is a dominant player in the mobile telephony market, Swedish Television´s "Uppdrag granskning" can disclose in an in depth investigation. TELIASONERA BY AZ KZ UZ TJ GE