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Involvement: PHONEXIA

Pavel Matějka, Ph.D.

Pavel Matějka (Ing. [MS] Brno University of Technology, 2001) is PhD student at Institute of Radioelectronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication and Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, FIT, BUT. He is planning to submit his doctoral thesis "Language identification" at the end of 2006. He has been with the Anthropic speech processing group at Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, USA, from 10/2002 till 6/2003. He has actively participated in EU-projects M4 (Multimodal Meeting manager), AMI (Augmented Multimodal Interaction) and in project "Language identification" sponsored by industry. His scientific interests are in the field of language and speaker identification and speech recognition, namely phoneme recognition based on novel feature extractions.

In Phonexia, Pavel serves as its CEO and legal representative. From the technical point of view, he is responsible for Phonexia's speech applications in security and defense.