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Intel Environment

Military Alliance
Interior Intelligence ServicesAir Force Intelligence Directorate / Political Security Directorate
Exterior Intelligence ServicesGeneral Security Directorate
Military Intelligence ServicesMilitary Intelligence

Telco/Carrier/ISP Environment

TypeNameOwnershipMain OfficeURLNotes
GSM 900/1800MTN Syria (JSC) ?  ?
GSM 900/1800Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA (SYRIATEL) ?  ?
ISPSAWA ISP, Syria - Internet Service Provider
ISPSyria Nobles - Internet Service Provider
ISPAalami - Internet Service Provider
ISPAYA - Internet Service Provider
ISPe-lcom - Internet Service Provider
ISPSawa - Internet Service Provider
ISPScs-net(Aloola) - Internet Service Provider
ISPTarassul - Internet Service Provider
ISPBest Italia - Internet Service Provider

Transnational Cables and Connections

TypeNameOwnershipConnecting Operator Point AConnection Operator Point BURL/Notes
5 Gbit/sALETAR Alexandria (Egypt)Tarsous (Syria)WP
5 Gbit/sBERYTAR Beirut (Lebanon)Tartous (Syria)WP
622 Mbit/sUGARIT Pentaskhinos (Cyprus)Tartous (Syria)WP

SIGINT/COMINT Stations and Operators

Privacy Related Legislation

LI Legislation


Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events


20141112taz.deHandel mit Überwachungstechnologie: Big Brother per MausklickTROVICOR / BH / GAMMA / SY / BLUECOAT / IR / CREATIVITY / HACKINGTEAM / AMESYS / DE
20140329firstlook.orgDer Spiegel: NSA Put Merkel on List of 122 Targeted LeadersNSA / DE / MERKEL, ANGELA / PS / ML / MY / SO / PE / BY / GT / CO / SY / UA / Target Knowledge Database (TKB) / NYMROD'A' for Angela: GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies and MerkelNSA / DE / MERKEL, ANGELA / PS / ML / MY / SO / PE / BY / GT / CO / SY / UA / Target Knowledge Database (TKB) / NYMROD / GCHQ / STELLAR / CETEL / IABG
20140329rt.comFrom Merkel to Tymoshenko: NSA spied on 122 world leaders, Snowden docs revealNSA / DE / MERKEL, ANGELA / PS / ML / MY / SO / PE / BY / GT / CO / SY / UA / Target Knowledge Database (TKB) / NYMROD
20140329spiegel.deÜberwachungsskandal: NSA speicherte mehr als 300 Berichte über MerkelNSA / DE / MERKEL, ANGELA / PS / ML / MY / SO / PE / BY / GT / CO / SY / UA / Target Knowledge Database (TKB) / NYMROD


20130621citizenlab.orgA Call to Harm: New Malware Attacks Target the Syrian OppositionSY
20130425reuters.comDubai firm agrees $2.8 million fine over Syria sanctions-bustingBLUECOAT / SY / COMPUTERLINKS
20130425bluecoat.comBlue Coat Commends the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security for Penalizing Third Party Involved in the Illegal Transfer of Blue Coat ProductsBLUECOAT / SY / COMPUTERLINKS


29.10.2012wsj.comU.S. Firm Acknowledges Syria Uses Its Gear to Block WebBLUECOAT / SY
17.08.2012espresso.repubblica.itChi spiava la rete per AssadSY / BLUECOAT / AREA
26.07.2012reuters.comFrance investigates tech firm accused of aiding SyriaQOSMOS / SY
31.05.2012eff.orgTrojan Hidden in Fake Revolutionary Documents Targets Syrian ActivistsSY
30.05.2012spiegel.deIran und Syrien: Anti-Zensur-Software spioniert Web-User ausIR SY
02.05.2012eff.orgFake Skype Encryption Tool Targeted at Syrian Activists Promises Security, Delivers SpywareSKYPE SY
24.04.2012sueddeutsche.deSanktionen gegen Schnüffler: Obama will Unterdrückung durch Technologie verhindernUS SY IR
23.04.2012networkworld.comObama authorizes sanctions against surveillance tech in Syria, IranUS SY IR
10.04.2012spiegel.deFernsehbericht: Siemens lieferte Überwachungstechnik an SyrienDE SY SIEMENS TROVICOR
10.04.2012mdr.deSiemens liefert Überwachungstechnik nach SyrienDE SY SIEMENS TROVICOR
21.02.2012spiegel.deSyrische Spyware: Staatstrojaner Marke EigenbauSY Trojans
15.02.2012bloomberg.comSyria Disrupts Text Messaging of Protesters With Made-in-Dublin EquipmentSY CELLUSYS ADAPTIVEMOBILE
13.02.2012zeit.dePENSIONSFONDS: Norwegen investiert Milliarden in Hersteller von Überwachungstechnik - Der staatliche Pensionsfonds von Norwegen investiert in Firmen, die Regimen wie Syrien mit Spionage- und Zensurtechnik helfen. Der Ethikrat des Fonds könnte das ändern.NO / BLUECOAT / NETAPP / ERICSSON / THALES / SY
22.01.2012taz.deSoftware für Diktatoren: Von Peking bis Damaskus spionieren Geheimdienstler das Netz aus. Das System "Deep Packet Inspection" (DPI) aus dem Hause der kalifornischen Firma Narus hilft dabei.CN LY SY AMESYS NARUS QOSMOS
00.01.2012monde-diplomatique.frUne technologie qui intéresse Etats et entreprises: Surveillance « profonde » sur InternetCN LY SY AMESYS NARUS QOSMOS


23.12.2011businessweek.comBloomberg: Israel Didn’t Know High-Tech Gear Was Sent to Iran Via DenmarkDK IL IR SY ALLOT BLUECOAT
07.12.2011NDR ZappGerman spyware for dictators (Flash Version) (On Youtube)BH DE EG IR OM SY TM DREAMLAB FINFISHER GAMMA TROVICOR
07.12.2011NDR ZappDas Geschäft mit SicherheitstechnologieBH DE EG IR OM SY TM DREAMLAB FINFISHER GAMMA TROVICOR
04.11.2011spiegel.deMonitoring the Opposition: Siemens Allegedly Sold Surveillance Gear to SyriaSY / SIEMENS / TROVICOR
04.11.2011bloomberg.comSyria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy GearSY AREA UTIMACO QOSMOS
30.10.2011SpiegelVerbotene Exporte: Syriens Regime überwacht Internet mit US-TechnikAE BH QA SY BLUECOAT
29.10.2011Wall Street JournalU.S. Firm Acknowledges Syria Uses Its Gear to Block WebAE BH QA SY BLUECOAT
23.10.2011Washington PostSyria using American software to censor Internet, experts saySY BLUECOAT
15.10.2011reflets.infoToi… Toi… Tu vas avoir de gros ennuis, Reflets… Ils vont te couper en deux, te…LY SY AMESYS
14.10.2011Spiegel OnlineVorwurf von Hackergruppe: Syrien soll Schnüffelsoftware aus USA einsetzenSY BLUECOAT
15.09.2011Wall Street JournalU.S. Deploys Tech Firms to Win Syrian AlliesSY When the Internet does not let citizens downSY BLUECOAT SSL
01.09.2011reflets.infoBluecoat’s role in Syrian censorship and nationwide monitoring system #OpSyriaSY BLUECOAT SSL
21.08.2011news-intercom.tumblr.comStop now - #OpSyria SY BLUECOAT SSL s01e03 – NASDAQ’s Blood DiamondsSY BLUECOAT
15.08.2011youtube.comStop Now #OpSyriaSY BLUECOAT SSL
05.08.2011scancomark.seHow it is bad to sell advanced technology to dictators. How Nokia technology helps Al - Assad finds dissidentsSY Siemens LI / Monitoring Centers
22.07.2011worldtribune.comReport details Iran's massive backing for Assad in bid to salvage 'Shi'ite crescent'SY IR SIEMENS Nokia TROVICOR certificate attack targets Facebook users in Syria SY SSL Attacks
06.05.2011twitter.comBlue Coat in Syria? RT @ioerror: appears to be a Blue Coat proxy that a lot of traffic flows throughSY BLUECOAT SSL


07.08.2009OpenNet InitiativeInternet Filterin in SyriaSY


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