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Official Coordinates

1 Av de l'Atlantique

F-91976 LES ULIS Courtaboeuf Cedex

T: +33 1 6929 8400 and:

300, Route Crêtes

06560 Valbonne, France

T: +33 4 93 64 57 98

The Company was founded by Gilles Blanc and is privately held. Headquarters are located at Les Ulis, France with wholely-owned subsidiaries operating in Washington DC, Melbourne Australia., and Dubai UAE.


AQSACOM Americas

Washington Tel/FAX: +1 202 315 3943

New York

New York

445 Park Avenue, 9th Floor

New York, NY, 10022

T: (646) 837-5858 (US Sales)

T: +1 917 750 8614 (International Sales and Inquries)

F: +1 202 315 3943

F: +1 360 351 8104


1 Av de l'Atlantique F-91976 LES ULIS Courtaboeuf Cedex Tel: +33 1 6929 8400 and:

300, Route Crêtes 06560 Valbonne, France +33 4 93 64 57 98


Melbourne, Australia

Suite 1009

530 Little Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


T: +61 399 097 280

F: +61 399 097 275

Aqsacom EMEA

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PO Box 125 139 Dubai

United Arab Emirates

T: +971 (0)4 3990048

F: +971 (0)4 3990228

People Involved

  • Alan Dubberley, Vice President Strategy Director Asia Pacific, AQSACOM
  • Luis Alves, Senior Director Business Development, AQSACOM

Products & Services

  • AQSACOM Lawful Interception Solutions:

Public wireline and wireless telecommunications networks

• Compliance with ETSI, CALEA and other local laws • Compatibility with all major switch vendors

  • EOIP (Everything over IP) Interception

• Deployed world's first lawful IP interception system to accommodate massive scale • Now used by major telco operators and ISPs • First to offer comprehensive interception for broadband Internet Service Providers. Our solutions cover Voice over IP, email, streaming, etc.

  • AQSACOM Data Retention Solutions:

Flexible approaches that conform to national laws • Addresses wireline and wireless carriers, large and small. • Applies innovative ways of capturing network-level event traffic, while also adapting to legacy systems. • Solutions grow with the customer and change in laws.

  • Leverages AQSACOM's proven expertise in carrier security

• All data collection, storage, and interrogation performed under the strictest of security standards. AQSACOM Applications Service Provider Solutions:

Delivers turn-key carrier security services

• Quickly readies ISPs and carriers for emerging lawful interception and data retention requirements. AQSACOM: YOUR TRUSTED PLAYER

  • Reference Clients

• Major public-switched telecom, wireless, and Internet operators throughout Europe and Asia. • Local and national-level law enforcement agencies.

  • Scalable, Flexible, and Responsive systems for Lawful Interception

• AQSACOM's modular, standards-based approach supports scaling and service modifications. • Single-platform lawful interception over a diversity of services and technologies. • All hardware derived from off-the-shelf equipment: easy service, replacement, cost reduction.

Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events / Situations

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01.12.2011 Lawful Interception is Our Business (Brochure) LI,AQSACOM
01.03.2010 White Paper: Lawful Interception for IP Networks (Paper) LI, IP, AQSACOM
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