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Language Author/Publisher Title Year ISBN Keywords/Tags/Comments
EN Human Rights Watch "They Know Everyhing We Do" - Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia 2014 978-1-62313-1159 ET
DE Josef Foschepoth Überwachtes Deutschland: Post- und Telefonüberwachung in der alten Bundesrepublik 2012 978-3-525-30041-1 DE / Strategic Interception
EN Marc Ambinder / D.B. Grady Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry 2013 978-1118146682 NSA
EN Share Harris The Watchers: The Rise of America's Surveillance State 2011 978-0143118909
EN Patrick Radden Keefe Chatter - Uncovering the Echelon Surveillance Network and the secret world of global eavesdropping 2006 0-8129-6827-1 A good introduction in the issue with good explanations also for non-technical people
EN Paul Hoffmann / Kornel Terplan Intelligence Support Systems: Technologies for Lawful Intercepts 2005 978-0849328558 Technologial Description by the CEO of Datakom, a german LI provider
DE Klaus Eichner, Andreas Dobbert Headquarters Germany 2001 3-360-01027-2 DE / Structural View on US Installations in Germany
EN Nicky Hager Secret Power - New Zealand´s Role in the International Spy Network 1996 -
DE Manfred Fink Lauschziel Wirtschaft: Abhörgefahren und -techniken Vorbeugung und Abwehr 1996 3-415-02194-7
EN John Wingfield Bugging - A Complete Survey Of Electronic Surveillancy Today 1984 0-7090-1742-1
DE / EN Peter Arthur Klüver Wanzen unter uns / BUGS Amongst US 1980 - PK-Electronic Hamburg (Catalogue included)