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Official Coordinates

IBH-IMPEX Elektronik GmbH

Orangeriestrasse 37

D-06847 Dessau-Rosslau

T: +49-340-5195888-0

F: +49-340-5195888-99

E: mail@ibh-impex.de

Products / Services

Satellite Monitoring

Tailor-made systems for Satellite interception:

  • ACES
  • VSAT

Strategic and tactical systems

Real-time systems

Full protocol stock decoding

Customized software development

System planning

GSM Monitoring

Tailor-made monitoring systems for GSM networks 850/900 & 1800/1900 MHz bands

  • Decoding A 5.0, A 5.2 and A 5.1 protocols in real-time
  • Tactical systems for undercover missions
  • Vehicle-based systems
  • Simultaneous monitoring and recording of voice, SMS and DTMF
  • off-air retrieving of IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, called numbers, class marks, etc.

Pinpoint position of mobile phones

Radio Monitoring

Tailor-made wideband monitoring systems 0.1 MHz to 3000 MHz

  • Strategic and tactical systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Products for signal analysis, automatic detection, demodulation & decoding

Internet Monitoring

IBH-IMPEX provides solutions for constantly changing requirements of monitoring and every type of telephonic and data communication via internet on the tactical level.

Development and production of advanced, flexible and user-friendly solutions.

Surveillance Systems

  • Radio Technology
  • Video Technology
  • Infrared Technology
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Radio Monitoring
  • Radio Monitoring / Audio Recording

Counter surveillance

  • Non-linear Junction-Detector
  • Omni Spectral Correlator OSCOR OSC-5000E
  • Radio Frequency Detectors RFD-5 und RFD-22

Vendor Appearances

Articles / Events / Situations