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Intel Environment

Military Alliance NATO
Interior Intelligence Services Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Interna (AISI): "Agency for Internal Information and Security" (domestic intelligence agency), Guardia di Finanza
Exterior Intelligence Services Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna (AISE): "Agency for External Information and Security" (external intelligence agency)
Military Intelligence Services Centro Intelligence Interforze (CII) : "Center for Interforce Intelligence" (Military Intelligence).

Telco/Carrier/ISP Environment

Type Name Ownership Main Office URL Notes
3G 2100 H3G
GSM 900/1800 Telecom Italia SpA (TIM)  
3G 2100 Telecom Italia SpA (TIM)    
3G 2100 Vodafone Omnitel N.V. (Vodafone)
GSM 900/1800 Vodafone Omnitel N.V. (vodafone)    
3G 2100 Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA
GSM 900/1800 Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA  

Transnational Cables and Connections

Type Name Ownership Connecting Point Connection Points URL/Notes
480 Gbits/s SEA-ME-WE-3 Norden (DE) / Oostende (BE) / Goonhilly (GB) / Penmarch (FR) / Sesimbra (PT) / Tetuan (MA) / Mazara del Vallo (IT) / Chania (GR) / Marmaris (TR) / Yeroskipou (CY) / Alexandria (EG) / Suez (EG) / Jeddah (SA) / Djibouti (DJ) / Muscat (OM) / Fujairah (AE) / Karachi (PK) / Mumbai (IN) / Cochin (IN) / Mount Lavinia (LK) / Pyapon (MM) / Satun (TH) / Penang, (MY) (Where it meets the SAFE and the FLAG cables.) / Medan (IN) / Tuas (SG) / Jakarta (IN) / Perth (AU) / Mersing (MY) / Tungku (BN) / Da Nang (VN) / Batangas (PH) / Taipa (MO) / Deep Water Bay (HK) / Shantou (CN) / Fangshan (TW) / Toucheng (TW) / Shanghai (CN) / Keoje (KR) / Okinawa, (JP) WP

SIGINT/COMINT Stations and Operators

Name Location Operator Capabilities
  San Vito Joint NSA-CIA site.
Sorico -

Privacy Related Legislation

LI Legislation


Vendor Appearance

Articles / Events / Situations

Date Source Title Tags
20130425 Spyware. HackingTeam HACKINGTEAM / MX / IT / VN / AE / IQ / LB / MA / PA / TJ / IN / IR / SA / KR / ES / PL / TR / AR / CA / ML / OM / CN / US / KZ / EG / UA / UZ / CO / TW / BR / RU / KG / GB / BH / ET / ID / DE / LY
20130312 Reporters Without Borders slams five nations for spying on media, activists GAMMA / TROVICOR / HACKINGTEAM / AMESYS / BLUECOAT / US / GB / DE / FR / IT
08.12.2011 Così il potere spia nel tuo pc FINFISHER
02.12.2011 Grande Fratello holding
01.12.2011 Wikileaks: siamo tutti spiati
12.10.2011 Bisignani, file segreti nel pc In Rete durante gli arresti / English Version with Google Translate IT Trojans [Luigi Bisignani] P4
06.08.2011 Il trojan Querela che ha fregato Bisignani / English Version with Google Translate IT Trojans
17.09.2011 Spiegel Neue Vorwürfe gegen Berlusconi: Hostessen im Regierungsflieger? IT Interception Law
01.09.2011 Guardian Berlusconi vows to leave 'shitty' Italy in conversation recorded by police: Transcripts from blackmail investigation reveal the Italian prime minister's frustration with his country IT Phonetap
12.06.2010 Guardian Italian media protests over Silvio Berlusconi 'gagging law' - Italian newspapers and opposition politicians protested today after the senate approved a bill limiting police wiretaps and punishing journalists who publish leaked transcripts. IT
16.02.2009 The Register Italian crooks use Skype to frustrate wiretaps IT SKYPE
16.08.2006 Security Experts' 'Suicides' Called Into Question -- European Media Probe Dangers of Secret Surveillance Systems IT SOCALLEDSUICIDE
31.08.2006 Spiegel Online 100.000 Seiten Dossier: Abhörskandal in Italien: Was wissen die Behörden? IT interception sigint
31.08.2006 Telepolis Abhörskandal in Italien: Was wissen die Behörden? IT
21.09.2006 Spiegel Online Abhörskandal in Italien: Der ganz, ganz große Lauschangriff IT
21.09.2006 Hamburger Abendblatt Abhörskandal erschüttert Italien IT
21.09.2006 Italien : 20 Festnahmen in Abhörskandal IT
21.09.2006 Süddeutsche Zeitung Schwerer Anschlag auf die Demokratie: Abhör-Affäre erschüttert Italien IT
21.09.2006 Spiegel Italien: Kriminelles Netzwerk hört Tausende Prominente ab IT
22.09.2006 bbc Italy blocks phone tapping leaks IT
23.09.2006 Spiegel Online Italien: Telecom-Affäre setzt Regierung unter Druck IT
23.09.2006 Italien: Abhör-Skandal erschüttert das Land IT
02.10.2006 Spiegel Online Abhör-Affäre: Inter Mailand schwer belastet IT
04.10.2006 Spiegel Online Italien-Skandal: Lauschangriff gegen Starstürmer IT
22.08.2006 The Men Who Knew Too Much? NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found Dead in Italy and Greece GR / TSALIKIDIS, COSTAS / IT / BOVE, ADAMO