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Polaris Wireless

5201 Great America Parkway

Suite 440 Santa Clara, CA 95054


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Lawful Interception

In almost every country in the world, wireless service providers are required to enable the monitoring of voice calls and data sessions, termed Lawful Interception (LI), for use by government agencies in criminal investigations and antiterrorist measures. The Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS™) technology is an ideal solution for adding valuable location data to this LI information.

Today, LI applications focus purely on intercepting content and have very low accuracy location context provided by cell tower location techniques like Cell-ID (CID) or Enhanced Cell-ID (ECID). This can render the applications ineffective because the target's actual location is relatively unknown; whereas, with accurate location data the LI mission can be accomplished with a much higher success rate. Using GPS for LI applications is not feasible because it does not work indoors and in dense urban areas, and the target user has the option to disable GPS location tracking capabilities on their phone. Location technologies such as multi-lateration (UTDOA) require radio hardware on every cell tower making it extremely cost intensive with a large degree of complexity in terms of deployment and maintenance. Polaris WLS™ is the only high accuracy, software-only location technology that is low cost, scalable, and reliably provides high accuracy across all types of environments. Besides high accuracy (sub 50m) and scalability, one of the key unique features of WLS is its ability to perform mass (bulk) location of all subscribers, on a near real-time basis, enabling applications such as mass interception along with post-event analytics. Polaris WLS in conjunction with its intelligent zone services software platform also powers border zone interception with a high degree of precision.

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