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Official Coordinates

VOCAL Technologies, Inc.

90A John Muir Drive

Amherst, New York 14228


Products / Services

  • Lawful Interception

VOCAL's Lawful Interception Fax monitoring module includes a Fax decoder for both standard faxes as well as machines that make use of manufacturer specific T.30 'Non-Standard Facilities' (NSF) features. Accurate image recovery is ensured through blind data retrieval and consistency checks, avoiding possible compatibility issues with non-standard fax machines.

The Fax decoder can operate at multiple sample rates, including 16 KHz, in order to ensure the highest input signal quality. VOCAL has substantial experience with recording technologies and can advise in the proper configuration of your recording system.

For important recordings with insufficient signal quality, manual intervention may be able to recover some or all of the relevant data. Please contact us if you have specific interests or requirements in this area.

VOCAL's Fax monitoring module has been deployed worldwide to assist law enforcement officials and government institutions in their activities. It allows effective security monitoring of fax communications in real-time or of previously obtained recordings.


VOCAL's Lawful Interception modules include functionality to:

  • Operates on both real-time and recorded data
  • Automatically classify traffic by type, including voice, data, FAX, and non-standard or custom types
  • Extract DTMF/MF tones and pulse dial information
  • Extract caller ID data
  • Extract almost any modem data from four-wire recordings
  • Extract non-echo-cancelled modem data from two-wire recordings
  • Extract page images of fax conversations

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