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|Military Alliance||NATO, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_and_Security_Co-operation_Treaty Defence and Security Cooperation Treaty]
|Military Alliance||[[NATO]], [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_and_Security_Co-operation_Treaty Defence and Security Cooperation Treaty]
|Interior Intelligence Services||[http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/mi5/index.html MI5] [http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/ncis/index.html National Criminal Intelligence Service] / [http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/mps/index.html Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard]]
|Interior Intelligence Services||[http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/mi5/index.html MI5] [http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/ncis/index.html National Criminal Intelligence Service] / [http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/mps/index.html Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard]]

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Intel Environment

Military Alliance NATO, Defence and Security Cooperation Treaty
Interior Intelligence Services MI5 National Criminal Intelligence Service / Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard]
Exterior Intelligence Services MI6 / Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) WP FAS
Military Intelligence Services
SIGINT/COMINT Alliances UKUSA Agreement

Telco/Carrier/ISP Environment

Type Name Ownership Main Office URL Notes
GSM 1800 Cable and Wireless Worldwide (Cable and Wireless UK (England))   http://www.cw.com/
GSM 1800 Everything Everywhere Limited (Orange)(UK)     http://www.everythingeverywhere.com/
3G 2100 Everything Everywhere Limited (Orange)     http://www.everythingeverywhere.com/
3G 2100 Everything Everywhere Limited (T-Mobile (UK))     http://www.everythingeverywhere.com/
GSM 1800 Everything Everywhere Limited (T-Mobile UK)(UK)     http://www.everythingeverywhere.com/
3G 2100 Hutchison 3G UK Ltd (3)     http://www.three.co.uk/
GSM 1800 Mundio Mobile Limited (MCom)     http://www.uk01.com/
GSM 1800 TeleWare PLC (PMN)     http://www.privatemobilenetworks.com/
GSM 900/1800 Telefónica UK Limited (O2) Telefonica (ES   http://www.o2.co.uk/
3G 2100 Telefónica UK Limited (O2 (UK)) Telefonica (ES)   http://www.o2.co.uk/
3G 2100 VODAFONE Ltd (VODAFONE)     http://www.vodafone.co.uk/
GSM 900/1800 VODAFONE Ltd (vodafone)     http://www.vodafone.co.uk/

Transnational Cables and Connections

Type Name Ownership Connecting Operator Point A Connection Operator Point B URL/Notes
120 Gb/s AC-1 (Atlantic Crossing) Brookhaven Cable Station in Shirley, New York, (US) Land's End Cable Station in Whitesands, (UK) WP
320 Gbit/s AC-2 Bellport/Brookhaven, New York (US) Bude (UK) WP
3,84 Tbs EIG Tripoli (LY) / Abu Talat (EG) / Al Fujaurah (AE) / Barka (OM) / Djibouti (DJ) / Gibraltar (GI) / Jeddah (SA) / London (GB) / Marseille (FR) / Monaco (MC) / Mumbai (IN) / Sesimbra (PT) / Widemouth Bay (GB) / Zaferana (EG) Operator WP
480 Gbits/s SEA-ME-WE-3 Norden (DE) / Oostende (BE) / Goonhilly (GB) / Penmarch (FR) / Sesimbra (PT) / Tetuan (MA) / Mazara del Vallo (IT) / Chania (GR) / Marmaris (TR) / Yeroskipou (CY) / Alexandria (EG) / Suez (EG) / Jeddah (SA) / Djibouti (DJ) / Muscat (OM) / Fujairah (AE) / Karachi (PK) / Mumbai (IN) / Cochin (IN) / Mount Lavinia (LK) / Pyapon (MM) / Satun (TH) / Penang, (MY) (Where it meets the SAFE and the FLAG cables.) / Medan (IN) / Tuas (SG) / Jakarta (IN) / Perth (AU) / Mersing (MY) / Tungku (BN) / Da Nang (VN) / Batangas (PH) / Taipa (MO) / Deep Water Bay (HK) / Shantou (CN) / Fangshan (TW) / Toucheng (TW) / Shanghai (CN) / Keoje (KR) / Okinawa, (JP) WP

SIGINT/COMINT Stations and Operators

Name Location Operator Status Capabilities
Menwith Hill (ECHELON) Menwith Hill, Harrogate UK/USA (RSOC) Active Intelsat Europe till West-Asia
Belfast (Victoria Square) GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
Brora, Scotland GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
GCHQ Cheltenham (Government Communications Headquarters)  NSA liaison is present. Active
Chicksands GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
Culm Head GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
Digby GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
Hawklaw, Scotland  GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
Irton Moor GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
Molesworth UK/USA Active
GCHQ BUDE Morwenstow UK/USA Active
Westminster, London GCHQ operated "accommodation site" that provides occasional SIGINT product to the US INSCOM Active
(Palmer Street)  ?
Yemen  ?  
Socotra Island  (planned)

Privacy Related Legislation

LI Legislation


Vendor Appearance

  • DATONG delivering the Metropolitan Police 10/2011
  • 2013: GAMMA / FINFISHER see Citizenlab Report 20130430
  • 2013: HACKINGTEAM see securelist.com Report 20130425

Articles / Events / Situations



Date Source Title Tags
20140117 theguardian.com Obama NSA reforms receive mixed response in Europe and Brazil / EU commissioner says speech is a step in right direction, but German ex-minister says changes fail to tackle root problem US / NSA / EU / DE / GB / BR
20140117 theguardian.com Barack Obama's surveillance pledge contrasts with silence of UK ministers US / GB


Date Source Title Tags
20131121 spiegel.de NSA-Affäre: US-Geheimdienst sammelt Daten unverdächtiger Briten GB / NSA
20131120 theguardian.com US and UK struck secret deal to allow NSA to 'unmask' Britons' personal data GB / NSA / US
20131105 bbc.co.uk Germany calls in British ambassador over spy claims UK Embassy Berlin / GB / DE
20131101 spiegel.de Neue Späh-Enthüllungen: Europäische Geheimdienste sollen kooperiert haben DE / GCHQ / GB / FR / ES / IT
20131101 theguardian.com GCHQ and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance - Edward Snowden papers unmask close technical cooperation and loose alliance between British, German, French, Spanish and Swedish spy agencies GB / GCHQ / DE / BND / FR / DGSE / ES / CNI / SE / FRA / SAEPO / NL / MIVD / AIVD
20131021 spiegel.de EU-Kommissarin: Neelie Kroes nennt Snowden-Enthüllungen "hilfreich" NSA / EU / BE / GB
20131017 theguardian.com Extent of spies' mass surveillance to be investigated in public inquiry - Intelligence inquiry begun after Edward Snowden leaks and Guardian revelations on GCHQ and NSA personal data sharing GB / GCHQ
20131016 theguardian.com How MPs and peers took on May and spy agencies over 'snoopers' charter' - Anger at failure of Home Office and security services to reveal extent of GCHQ's data harvesting operations GB / GCHQ
20131016 theguardian.com Former Labour minister accuses spies of ignoring MPs over surveillance - Nick Brown says there is 'uncanny' similarity between GCHQ programmes exposed by Edward Snowden and bill's proposals GB / GCHQ
20131013 theguardian.com GCHQ accused of monitoring privileged emails between lawyers and clients - Allegation relates to eight Libyan nationals and comes in wake of Guardian's revelations about GCHQ and Tempora programme GB / GCHQ / LY / TEMPORA
20131006 theguardian.com Cabinet was told nothing about GCHQ spying programmes, says Chris Huhne - Ex-minister says he was in 'utter ignorance' of Prism and Tempora and calls for tighter oversight of security services GB / GCHQ
20131003 theguardian.com The Snowden files: why the British public should be worried about GCHQ - When the Guardian offered John Lanchester access to the GCHQ files, the journalist and novelist was initially unconvinced. But what the papers told him was alarming: that Britain is sliding towards an entirely new kind of surveillance society GB / GCHQ
20130904 wikileaks.org UTIMACO: Rudolf Windschuh UTIMACO / WINDSCHUH, RUDOLF / DE / NL / FR / ES / AE / AU / CZ / FI / GB
20130904 wikileaks.org TELESOFT: Ray Hutton TELESOFT / HUTTON, RAY / GB / ES / AE / IT
20130904 wikileaks.org GAMMA: Martin Muench GAMMA / MUENCH, MARTIN J / MX / US / DE / CZ / KZ / GB / NL / FR / RS
20130904 wikileaks.org GAMMA: Louthean Nelson GAMMA / NELSON, LOUTHEAN JOHN ALEXANDER / LB / DE / AE / LV / CH / ID / IT / MY / SG / GB / AT / RS / TR / CI / BJ / ZA
20130904 wikileaks.org GAMMA: Johnny Debs GAMMA / DEBS, JOHNNY / LB / RS / GB / CZ / TR / ET / GA
20130904 wikileaks.org GAMMA: Brydon Nelson GAMMA / NELSON, BRYDON / GB / DE / QA / AE / BH / NL / OM / BN / MY / CY / FR
20130904 wikileaks.org COBHAM: Neil Tomlinson COBHAM GB / AE / LB / QA / KW
20130904 wikileaks.org CELLEBRITE: Peter Warnke CELLEBRITE / WARNKE, PETER / DE / IL / TR / NL / AE / US / GB / PL / CH
20130823 rt.com Snowden 'not the source' of Middle East surveillance leak – Guardian GB / GCHQ
20130823 spiegel.de Snowden-Dokumente: Briten betreiben Spionage-Basis im Nahen Osten GB / GCHQ
20130823 indenpendent.co.uk Exclusive: UK’s secret Mid-East internet surveillance base is revealed in Edward Snowden leaks - Data-gathering operation is part of a £1bn web project still being assembled by GCHQ GB / GCHQ
20130803 rt.com ‘Poodle’ UK: MPs to quiz GCHQ spies over $150 mln payments from US govt GB / GCHQ / US / NSA
20130802 cryptome.org NSA X-KEYSCORE Server Sites XKEYSCORE / US / MX / HN / CR / PA / VE / CO / EC / BR / GB / FR / DE / AT / IT / ES / PL / BY / RU / RO / GR / CZ / DZ / MA / EG / SD / SO / CM / NA / ZW / SA / TR / IQ / KW / BH / QA / AE / UZ / KG / AF / PK / IN / JP / CN / PH / MM / TH / KH / MY / AU / NZ
20130801 guardian.co.uk Exclusive: NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ US / NSA / GCHQ / GB
20130717 guardian.co.uk Prism: committee urges review of legal framework for electronic surveillance - Intelligence and security committee also confirms GCHQ's use of NSA Prism surveillance material for first time PRISM / GCHQ / GB
20130708 guardian.co.uk NSA and GCHQ spy programmes face legal challenge - Privacy campaigners file claim saying laws used to justify data trawling by Prism and Tempora programmes are being abused GB / NSA / GCHQ / PRISM / TEMPORA
20130705 guardian.co.uk NSA leaks: UK blocks crucial espionage talks between US and Europe - First talks to soothe transatlantic tensions to be restricted to data privacy and Prism programme after Britain and Sweden's veto GB / NSA / US / EU
20130704 guardian.co.uk Ecuador says London embassy bug hidden in socket - Foreign minister says Ecuador is to ask for Britain's co-operation in investigating hidden microphone EC / GB / THESURVEILLANCEGROUP
20130703 guardian.co.uk Snowden row intensifies as hidden bug found in Ecuador's embassy - Ecuadorean minister threatens to reveal perpetrators after device discovered during meeting over Assange EC / GB
20130703 guardian.co.uk Rifkind defends cancelling of spy chiefs' TV grilling - Chair of intelligence and security committee says he finds arguments that public hearing should go ahead unconvincing GB / GCHQ
20130703 guardian.co.uk Listen carefully: bugging foreign embassies is nothing new - So well documented are efforts to bug embassies that diplomats must know better than to discuss real secrets in their own offices GB / MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ
20130701 guardian.co.uk Parliamentary committee 'too busy' to question intelligence agencies - Intelligence and security committee postpones televised session with agencies to focus on GCHQ claims and Lee Rigby case GB / GCHQ
20130629 privacysurgeon.org Former NSA contractor warns of “murky” interception arrangements NSA / DE / FI / GB / DK / NL / FR / ES / IT / US / CA / AU / NZ / ECHELON / BND / CESID / OPERATION DELIKATESSE / TR / MIT
20130626 tagesschau.de Deutsche Fragen zum "Tempora"-Programm - Drei Zeilen aus London DE / GB / GCHQ / TEMPORA
20130626 welt.de Briten verweigern Antwort auf deutsche Spähprogramm-Fragen DE / GB
20130626 guardian.co.uk Police unit monitors 9,000 'extremists' - Officers familiar with workings of unit indicate that many of campaigners listed on database have no criminal record GB
20130625 spiegel.de Schnüffelprogramm Tempora: Justizministerin schickt Brandbriefe an britische Regierung TEMPORA / DE / GB
20130625 guardian.co.uk Germany blasts Britain over GCHQ's secret cable trawl - Minister questions legality of mass tapping of calls and internet and demands to know extent to which Germans were targeted GB / GCHQ / DE
20130625 sueddeutsche.de Deutsche Politiker verlangen Aufklärung von London DE / GB / GCHQ / TEMPORA
20130625 guardian.co.uk Civil rights group says GCHQ and NSA have targeted it illegally - Liberty asks official tribunal to investigate whether its communications have been intercepted by government spooks GB / GCHQ / NSA
20130624 spiegel.de Überwachungsprogramm: Tempora lässt die Briten kalt GB / GCHQ / TEMPORA
20130623 rt.com UK tapping Europe’s data flows is like ‘Hollywood nightmare’ – Germany GB / GCHQ / DE
20130622 guardian.co.uk MI5 feared GCHQ went 'too far' over phone and internet monitoring - Amid leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, senior intelligence source reveals worries were voiced in 2008 GB / GCHQ / MI5 / NSA
20130622 guardian.co.uk GCHQ monitoring described as a 'catastrophe' by German politicians - Federal ministers demand clarification from UK government on extent of spying conducted on German citizens DE / GCHQ / GB
20130622 spiegel.de Britisches Abhörprogramm: Bundesregierung nimmt Tempora-Bericht "sehr ernst" DE / GB / GCHQ
20130622 spiegel.de Britische Internet-Überwachung: Freund liest mit GB / GCHQ / NSA / TAT-14
20130621 netzpolitik.org Keep Calm and Spy On: Britischer Nachrichtendienst überwacht systematisch internationalen Internetverkehr GB / GCHQ
20130621 spiegel.de Spionageskandal: Britischer Geheimdienst speichert weltweiten Internet-Verkehr GB / GCHQ / MASTERING THE INTERNET / GLOBAL TELECOMS EXPLOITATION / TEMPORA
20130621 guardian.co.uk The legal loopholes that allow GCHQ to spy on the world - William Hague has hailed GCHQ's 'democratic accountability', but legislation drafted before a huge expansion of internet traffic appears to offer flexibility GCHQ / GB
20130621 guardian.co.uk GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications - Exclusive: British spy agency collects and stores vast quantities of global email messages, Facebook posts, internet histories and calls, and shares them with NSA, latest documents from Edward Snowden reveal SUBCOMCAB / GB / GCHQ / US / NSA / MASTERING THE INTERNET / GLOBAL TELECOMS EXPLOITATION / TEMPORA
20130619 guardian.co.uk Britain's response to the NSA story? Back off and shut up - Snowden's revelations are causing outrage in the US. In the UK, Hague deploys a police-state defence and the media is silenced GB / GCHQ
20130617 guardian.co.uk MoD serves news outlets with D notice over surveillance leaks - BBC and other media groups issued with D notice to limit publication of information that could 'jeopardise national security' GB
20130617 spiegel.de G-8-Gipfel: Britische Abhöraktion verärgert Russland GB / GCHQ / RU / TR
20130617 guardian.co.uk G20 summits: Russia and Turkey react with fury to spying revelations - Ankara summons UK ambassador and says GCHQ allegations are 'scandalous' if confirmed GCHQ / GB / TR / RU
20130617 spiegel.de Telefonüberwachung: Britische Spione spähten Gipfelteilnehmer aus GB / GCHQ
20130616 guardian.co.uk UK intelligence agencies planned to spy on Commonwealth summit delegates: Top-secret document, prepared by GCHQ, contained proposals to target Commonwealth allies at heads of government summit GB / GCHQ / TT
20130616 guardian.co.uk NSA targeted Dmitry Medvedev at London G20 summit - Leaked documents reveal Russian president was spied on during visit, as questions are raised over use of US base in Britain GB / RU / GCHQ
20130616 guardian.co.uk The laws that allow intelligence agencies to spy on foreign diplomats - The Intelligence Services Act and Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act are broad enough to allow all manner of operations GB / GCHQ
20130616 guardian.co.uk Britain's long history of spying on visiting dignitaries GB / GCHQ
20130616 guardian.co.uk GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits - Exclusive: phones were monitored and fake internet cafes set up to gather information from allies in London in 2009 GB / GCHQ / NSA
20130616 guardian.co.uk G20 surveillance: why was Turkey targeted? Gordon Brown had hailed 'strong and strengthening ties' with the country, which was – and is – an ally GB / TR / GCHQ / NSA
20130610 spiegel.de Internet-Überwachung: Großbritannien verschweigt Rolle im Prism-Skandal GB
20130609 guardian.co.uk Surveillance in the US and UK: Spreading national insecurity: The actions of whistleblowers may embarrass governments. But where legislatures and judges fail, whistleblowers keep open the only channel left for public accountability NSA / US / GB
20130606 guardian.co.uk Verizon phone records: could it happen in Britain? Tools to engineer disclosure of phone records seem to exist in Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 GB
20130526 bbc.co.uk Tory-Labour pact could save data bill, says Lord Howard GB
20130513 theinquirer.net EE denies selling user data to tracking firm GB / CDR
20130513 pcpro.co.uk EE data "being sold to track customers" CDR / GB
20130512 thesundaytimes.co.uk Secrets of 27m mobile phones offered to police GB / CDR
20130430 citizenlab.org For their Eyes Only: The Commercialization of Digital Spying (Full Report) FINFISHER / GAMMA / AU / AT / BH / BN / BG / CA / CZ / EE / ET / DE / HU / IN / ID / JP / LV / LT / MK / MY / MX / MG / NL / NG / PK / PA / QA / RO / RS / SG / ZA / TR / TM / AE / GB / US / VN
20130430 citizenlab.org For Their Eyes Only: The Commercialization of Digital Spying FINFISHER / GAMMA / AU / AT / BH / BN / BG / CA / CZ / EE / ET / DE / HU / IN / ID / JP / LV / LT / MK / MY / MX / MG / NL / NG / PK / PA / QA / RO / RS / SG / ZA / TR / TM / AE / GB / US / VN
20130425 securelist.com Spyware. HackingTeam HACKINGTEAM / MX / IT / VN / AE / IQ / LB / MA / PA / TJ / IN / IR / SA / KR / ES / PL / TR / AR / CA / ML / OM / CN / US / KZ / EG / UA / UZ / CO / TW / BR / RU / KG / GB / BH / ET / ID / DE / LY
20130313 nytimes.com Researchers Find 25 Countries Using Surveillance Software GAMMA / FINFISHER / MUENCH, MARTIN J / AU / BH / BD / BN / CA / CZ / EE / ET / DE / IN / ID / JP / LV / MY / MX / MN / NL / QA / RS / SG / TM / AE / GB / US / VN
20130313 citizenlab.org You Only Click Twice: FinFisher’s Global Proliferation FINFISHER / GAMMA / AU / BH / BD / BN / CA / CZ / EE / ET / DE / IN / ID / JP / LV / MY / MX / MN / NL / QA / RS / SG / TM / AE / GB / US / VN
20130312 pcworld.com Reporters Without Borders slams five nations for spying on media, activists GAMMA / TROVICOR / HACKINGTEAM / AMESYS / BLUECOAT / US / GB / DE / FR / IT


Date Source Title Tags
09.09.2012 guardian.co.uk Crackdown on sale of UK spyware over fears of misuse by repressive regimes: Decision to stop sale of spying software to Egypt puts other deals with repressive regimes in doubt FINFISHER / GB / GAMMA / EG
19.07.2012 privacyinternational.org Privacy International commences legal action against British government for failure to control exports of surveillance technologies GB
20.07.2012 fm4.orf.at Der Facebook-Überwachungsstandard: Das bereits praktizierte Einlesen und Speichern von Chats, privaten Postings oder Webmail samt Brechen der Https-Verschlüsselung von Web-2.0-Diensten soll auch als Telekom-Standard verankert werden ETSI-LI / GB
02.07.2012 Russia Today (via youtube) UK's Dark Cloud: Web 'black box' totalitarianism GB
29.06.2012 channel4.com 'Black boxes' to monitor all internet and phone data GB
16.06.2012 asianimage.co.uk Spying on people to cost £1.8 billion GB
13.06.2012 guardian.co.uk Online privacy: Home Office to write blank cheque for 'snoopers' charter': Internet and phone companies will be forced to track email, Twitter, Facebook and other online data under new legislation GB
19.04.2012 scramblngforsafety.org Scrambling for Safety 2012 GB
08.04.2012 telegraph.co.uk GCHQ warns it is losing terrorists on the internet: Controversial proposals to "snoop" on every email, phone call and text message have been driven by a warning from spies that new technology has "eroded" their ability to eavesdrop on terrorists and criminals. GB
03.04.2012 telepolis.de Die Einschränkungen für das Überwachen der Kommunikation sollen fallen: Die britische Regierung will eine Vorratsdatenspeicherung für ein Jahr einführen und den Sicherheitsbehörden die Möglichkeit geben, ohne richterlichen Beschluss in Echtzeit die Kommunikation in allen Kanälen abzuhören GB
02.04.2012 guardian.co.uk Email surveillance plans face Lib Dem rebellion: Senior MPs concerned at government proposals to extend powers of security services to monitor public communications GB
01.04.2012 guardian.co.uk Government plans increased email and social network surveillance: Proposal echoes Labour scheme that was scrapped in 2009 over concerns it would breach civil liberties GB
01.03.2012 guardian.co.uk Menwith Hill eavesdropping base undergoes massive expansion GB ECHELON MENWITH HILL STATION
21.02.2012 telegraph.co.uk Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan: Details of every phone call and text message, email traffic and websites visited online are to be stored in a series of vast databases under new Government anti-terror plans. GB


Date Source Title Tags
14.11.2011 bbc.co.uk Oxford taxi conversations to be recorded, council rules GB
30.10.2011 Guardian Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones GB DATONG


Date Source Title Tags
18.04.2010 Guardian No 10 Downing Street bugged by MI5, claims historian / Bugs placed in the cabinet room by Harold Macmillan in 1963 and not removed until 1977 GB MI5

2000 - 2009

Date Source Title Tags
11.07.2009 Wikileaks UK phone hacking scandal: The News of the World didn't go far enough GB Murdoch voicemail
17.12.2006 The Independent Police: we were bugged in effort to halt BAe Saudi arms inquiry GB SA
10.12.2006 the guardian US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash US GB
11.06.2001 The Register US expands Echelon spying in UK GB US echelon privacy sigint nsa
16.05.2001 The register Eurocops want seven-year retention of all phone, Net traffic sigint privacy lawful interception europol
02.04.2001 cryptome.org Intelligence and Security: Committee GB
12.02.2001 cryptome.org INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMITTEE: Annual Report 1999-2000 GB / GCHQ

1990 - 1999

Date Source Title Tags
16.07.1999 independent (via cryptome) HOW BRITAIN EAVESDROPPED ON DUBLIN GCHQ / GB / IE
16.07.1999 independent (via cryptome) DUBLIN WANTS TO KNOW WHY UK SNOOPED GCHQ / GB / IE
04.12.1998 cryptome.org UK Government Information (In)Security Organisations GCHQ GB